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Film Making

Shooting, lights, camera, action…!! Is all about film making.

Not only film direction but a specialized knowledge of all the technical skills that are used in film making such as sound editing, production design and cinematography are all taken into consideration. Practical analysis about making a film will let the students explore numerous visual, dramatic and technical challenges that director’s have to face. Our goal is to ensure and empower students to artfully, cinematically and originally tell stories. It is a creative experience for the young minds which is also very exciting and rewarding. The workshop will include 2 hour sessions 3 times a week. we will work in small groups. There will be guest lectures by professionals in India and some professional writers and video makers in Los Angeles through web.

Objective of the course

Student will get practical experience of making films and can fight with different challenges to complete their feature film project.

Module 1 :: Script Writing

  • basics of creative writing and storytelling
  • Writing feature and short films and plays- screenwriting
  • and Playwriting,
  • Writing for TV and other media
  • Basic Communication and dramatic writing
  • Other exercises
  • working with directors and writers in the Industry
  • Additional: writing your portfolios for admissions abroad or further media studies
Study Material

Copywright Study Material

Skill Test

Skill Test

Module 2 :: Shooting, Editing, Special Effects

Advance Artistry
  • Camera sessions
  • Onscreen performance
  • behind the scene production work
  • Specialisation in Direction
  • working with writers and other professionals
  • Shooting exercises
  • Basic Editing - The Rough Cut
  • Working in the Timeline
  • Navigation
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Editing Tips and Tricks
  • Working with Transitions
  • Advanced Trimming Techniques
  • Trim Edit Techniques
Design Competitions

Design Competitions

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