Adobe Photoshop Quiz

Adobe Photoshop Guess The True Quiz

1. An item located under a main menu is called a sub menu item.

2. A Photoshop file (.psd) can be uploaded to your flickr account.

3. To change the name of a layer you can double-click on the words on the layer.

4. The Photoshop's Latest version we are currently using is CS6.

5. The History panel can be found/opened from under the Window main menu.

6. When you copy/paste an image from the Web into a Photoshop file a new layer is made.

7. A Smart Object Thumbnail on a layer means you can edit that layer.

8. Ctrl+T is the shortcut for hiding/showing your rulers.

9. Rule of Thirds uses a 4x4 grid for determing where to place the focal point in an image.

10. Pixels are small squares on the computer screen that reflect the colors Red, Green, Blue.