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What is Multimedia Course


In Multimedia, Multi means many and Media means sharing Information. In total Multimedia means many media or many means of sharing. There is a plethora of media to share like Print media, web media, screen media, mobile media etc. In multimedia course we get prepare for all these media which includes Designing, Animations, Graphics, Development, Special effects, Sketching, Editing and much more. Today every company advertises or promote its products and services using all these media. If one get sound knowledge of every media, the person becomes capable enough to join any company and fulfill all its demands.
Even if one becomes professional in any one of the media he also gets a lucrative job and had a lot of scope in this. Becoming professional means having complete knowledge of that particular media in which one is going to do specialization.

Print Media


To get prepared in print media Professional training is required and one has to be  trained in Designing softwares, Pre-Press knowledge, Post-press knowledge, Illustration work, Principles of designs, Typography and after acquiring all this knowledge you are ready to work in Add agencies, Publishing houses, Studios etc.

Web Media

To prepare in web media, Web designing and development course one has to opt for. Constant hard-work is the prerequisite of learning web media. Knowledge of designing web templates by understanding different codes like HTML, CSS, J-query, Java script, PHP with different CMS based software like wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc and the list continues . A good professional also had a knowledge of Search engine optimizations techniques to promote its website. Web Professionals with complete knowledge in web media is always in demand.


Electronic Media

To prepare in this media, knowledge of Designing, Animation, Special Effects, Editing skills are required. Different video formats like handling big files , Camera handling skills, Shooting techniques, 3D effects, Chroma shoots are all parts of electronic media.
To prepare for Mobile applications Codes, Designing is the basic part to be learnt which are in demand these days.
To get expertise in all these media, long term professional Multimedia course is to be learnt. Every company demand for these types of professionals and there is a variety of jobs for all those who had knowledge of softwares with their related Media.

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