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Adobe Photoshop Student remove this pic by using various Adobe Photoshop Tools, Good work still to work more for better results

How to trace images fast with the help of Adobe Illustrator. Make all your raster images to vector with these simple steps shown in the video.

How to increase canvas size by locking the bottom of canvas. and after that to increase the image size to particular height with transformation command. Learn Canvas size command in Adobe Photoshop Tutorials and Tips. Educate yourself

Adobe Photoshop Tips to crop the images with same size and location

Adobe Illustrator Spiral Tool Options Tips

Move , copy, rotate and transform again all the sequence in Adobe Illustrator Commands

Adobe Illustrator : using offset path command in object menu now you can select multiple object color and set stroke color and width of multiple object as respective of their fill colors

How to insert a color in Multiple shape layer at once.

Mesh with Envelope or Envelope with Top object to run Gradient in the direction of shape

Live Trace Logo using Image trace command over a Image of Logo to make it vector logo from raster and can also change its color and shape.