About Photoshop Filter Menu

Adobe Photoshop Filter Menu

This menu is packed with all kinds of affects you can apply to your images. It groups filters by type: Artistic, Blur, Sharpen, and so on.

photoshop select menu

This command applies the last filter you used—with the same settings—to the current layer or object.

Available Submenu in Filter Menu

Convert for Smart Filters

Use this feature to convert a regular layer to a Smart Object so you can use Smart Filters

Filter Gallery

Choose this option to see a preview of how your image will look if you apply various filters. It’s available for several filter categories, and it’s a good way to learn how those filters affect you.

Lens Correction

In Photoshop CS5, this filter leapt from within the Distort category to live at the top of the Filter menu. Not only does it let you add a beautifully darkened edge vignette, it can also correct all manner of lens distortion, plus you can download camera-specific instructions that improve other tools such as Auto-Align Layers, panorama stitching with Photomerge, and the new “Merge to HDR Pro” option.


This filter lets you push, pull, and move pixels in all sorts of ways.

Vanishing Point

This filter helps you maintain your image’s perspective while you paint, clone, or add other images to it.



This category includes filters that make your images look like a painting or drawing.


These filters change the focus in all or part of an image.

Brush Strokes

The filters in this category make your image look like it was painted, penciled, or spray-painted, among other effects.


These filters create geometric patterns based on your image, including ripple, twirl, and zigzag effects.


This category includes filters that can help smooth areas of your image that don’t blend well, fix dust and scratches in photos, and remove graininess (page 644). You can also use these filters to add grain to give your image more texture and depth.


These filters convert images or selections into groups of geometric shapes and patterns.


These filters let you add cloud patterns, fiber patterns, and lens flares, and adjust your image’s lighting.


You can use filters in this category to make blurry or out-of-focus images clearer.


These filters do things like turn your images into collections of blocks or dots, or add a wind-blown look.


These filters make your image look like it’s on a textured surface such as tiles or stained glass.


These filters let you deinterlace (smooth) images that you’ve grabbed from videos and restrict images to colors that display properly on TVs in the United States (NTSC-safe colors).


This catch-all category includes options that let you build your own custom filters and adjust a layer mask’s size, among other things.


These filters let you add a watermark and copyright info to your images.

Browse Filters Online

This option fires up your web browser and takes you to the Adobe website so you can browse and download even more filters.

Tutorials of Photoshop Filter Menu

Tutorials for Filter Menu From Youtube

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