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Bapu Graphics in Delhi offers high-quality animation training courses including Advance Animation, taught by expert instructors using top-of-the-line tools and methods. With a focus on practical experience and a supportive learning environment, Bapu Graphics is a premier choice for those seeking to advance their animation skills and career. Enroll now to unleash your creativity and unlock your potential.

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Advance Animation Course
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Build your career in the Animation field. Learn advanced Animation Courses from Best Animation Institute in Delhi. Animation is a process of making the illusion of motion and change by rapidly displaying a set of static images that minimally differ from each other. This technique can be used to bring characters to life and make them appear like they are in motion.

As an animator, you may make use of techniques like- 2D hand drawing, 2D Computer generated, 3D Computer generated, stop motion, or model animation techniques to create animation sequences. The method depends on the specialization that you have (through training and courses).

Advantages of learning Animation | Learn Advanced Animation Course In Delhi

After completing an advanced animation course from Bapu Graphics the best animation institute in Delhi, Animators could be absorbed in advertising, web designingvideo editing, video games development, and even in the film sector. The entertainment industry in India comprising films and tv is amongst the leading on the planet as well as a screening zone for aspiring Animators. Using unique results is progressively enhanced in Indian movies and television shows. Only trained Animators can develop remarkable special impacts as we check out on-screens.
Learn Advanced Animation Course In Delhi

In addition to home entertainment, marketing is one area where animation is utilized thoroughly. Most of the appealing commercials are the handwork of dazzling animation methods. Both 2D and 3D animations are used in developing TV or web-based commercials. Marketing is not just restricted to TV but prolongs in a big means over the web. The internet is a platform for sharing details, photos, video clips, as well as messages among individuals around the world. A successfully done animation is particular to draw in millions of customers from all over the world.

What You Will Learn In Advanced Animation Course

Advanced Animation Course Module | Best Animation Training Institute In Delhi

Module 1 – Pre-Production

  • Sketching and Illustration
  • Imaging concepts
  • Layout & Design
  • Story Boarding
  • Background Design
  • Character Design
  • Creating Textures/Patterns
  • Layout Design & Vector Illustration.

Module 2 – Production

  • 3D Modeling Basics and Work Flows
  • Modeling Buildings
  • Modeling Interiors, Exteriors
  • Character Design & Modeling
  • Creating various Expressions/Moods
  • Understanding the importance of Mapping
  • Learning Lighting Concepts
  • Character animations
  • Techniques and Development
  • Camera Animations Techniques
  • Particles & Dynamics
  • Rendering still Frames & Animations.

Module 3 – Post-Production

  • Film Editing
  • Color Correction & Transitions
  • Effects for Stills and Animations
  • Rendering Formats
  • Sound Forge
  • After Effects Interface & VFX
  • Masking & Color Correction
  • Basic & Advanced Color Keying
  • Creating Time freezing effects for films
  • Lights & Cameras in After Effects.
  • 3D in After Effects.
  • Camera Tracking Basics.
  • Creating Action Movie Effects.
  • Rotoscopy & Wire Removal.
  • Motion Graphics, Logo Animations in After Effects
  • Advanced Particle effects.

Module 4 – Cinematography and Film Production

  • Cinematography
  • Direction
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Sound Recording & Design
  • VFX
  • Production Design

Projects Covered During Animation Course

Software Included In Our Advance Animation Course

All software covered in the Animation Course will be with their latest versions and commands. Practical application of the software with project training is covered with every software. All of this software, you will learn in our animation software course in Delhi.

Career & Job Opportunities After Advanced Animation Course

So what do Animators actually do? The Animation industry is a very broad to make Career. A career in animation is one of the best choices for students these days. Animation courses offer high salaries, career growth, and an opportunity to showcase creativity.

As an animator, you may work in the following sectors:

Animation is not just about sketching, drawing job of an animator is giving life to a character or an object. A good animator has to go through numerous stages and processes before releasing a good piece of animation.

Here's a list of job profiles in animation:

If you don’t want to work under anyone then you can also work as a freelance or start your own company.

Placements After Advanced Animation Course In Delhi

After completing an advanced animation course, students may be able to secure placements in various animation studios, production companies, advertising agencies, game development studios, and more.

There is a high demand for animation courses in the industry. With the help of the Bapu Graphics Placement Cell, Bapu Graphics provides students with the best skilled and professional training to attain a job. Students at Bapu Graphics have the opportunity to be placed in more than 500 companies.

Rahul Sharma – DreamWorks India

Rahul Sharma, another successful student of Bapu Graphics Advanced Animation Course, has joined the prestigious DreamWorks India. Rahul’s passion for animation and hard work led to his placement as a

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Advanced Animation Course Students Testimonials

FAQs - Advanced Animation Course Institute In Delhi

Answer: If you have seen movies like the Ice age, Kung Fu Panda, Cars, and many other films all are animated movies and great examples of animation. This course is perfect for those who want to turn their imagination into reality.

The scope for animation courses is bright and huge in India and all around the world which has been increasing rapidly. Every year, thousands of aspirants are pursuing animation courses, and they are being placed in the areas of 2D & 3D Animation.

The scope for animation courses will further increase as various animation giants like Disney are outsourcing animation works. Therefore, choosing a career in Animation is a good choice.

Answer: In any field, salaries depend on many factors like the profile of the employer, employee skills, aptitude, and grades attained by the employee. Normally starting salaries is around 15000-20000 Rupees per month but after gaining some experience you could easily get more than Rs. 50,000-60,000 per month.

Answer: No special qualifications are needed, all you really need is a strong desire to learn. We will teach you the rest!

Answer: We offer various career-oriented short-term and long-term courses in animation, VFX, graphic design, and web design. For students’ ease, we also offer flexible EMI options. If you want to know the complete fee structure in detail, visit our Institute, Email:, or call us at 9891 222 7389891 50 1300.


Answer: Yes, A person with basic or no computer knowledge can do this course.

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