E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce Marketing

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E-Commerce Marketing

Duration :
15 Days

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Regular Mon to Fri
Weekend Sat & Sunday
Alternate MWF / TTS

About E-Commerce Marketing

Web based business marketing is generally known as E-Commerce Marketing really the short term  for Electronic Commerce marketing. It is the marketing completed over electronic frameworks, for example, web and other advanced systems. This is a standout amongst the best and helpful methods for directing business.

At Bapu Graphics Multimedia Institute you will learn Best E-Commerce Marketing Training Course in Delhi to extent making an eCommerce marketing procedure, there are great deals of things available in this E-Commerce Marketing Training Course you will learn how to incorporate SEO, content marketing, email marketing, Social Media Marketing et cetera for Marketing of a E-Commerce website.

Course Description

Would you like to take in the key to boosting an ecommerce marketing store's deals by 20x? How might you feel if a similar device could help you assemble a strong ecommerce framework utilizing to make it simple?

Obviously the mystery instrument is email marketing. Be that as it may, there is a gigantic contrast between expert usage and learner utilize - Bapu Graphics Multimedia Institute will teach you in this Best E-Commerce Marketing Training Course in Delhi to utilize email marketing to develop your web based business store viably and productively in a well ordered strategy.

Realize that a business can't depend on paid movement always and it is essential to fabricate a strong spine structure for reliable development with no obstacles - email marketing is the thing that expert advertisers use to accomplish this objective. While other marketing channels like web-based social networking may blur away - email is a foundational bit of online life.

Just about 205 billion messages are sent every day and this is nowhere close to the measure of tweets or statuses overhauled day by day. Figure out how you can snatch a bit of this huge pie by taking this point by point course. Our E-Commerce Marketing Training Course covers -


  • Simple Tools and Techniques To Allow Your Store To Start Collecting Emails Instantly!
  • Top Strategies To Acquire Email Leads That Expert Never Reveal!
  • The Complete Guide to Automating Your Emails So That Your Sales SKYROCKET While You Sit and Watch
  • The Right Format To Create and Structure Emails So That They Have The Highest Engagement Rate
  • Find out How Often You Should Email Your Subscribers to Get the Highest Open Rate
  • High Quality Copywriting Lessons to Create Emails That Convert into Sales
  • Analyzing Emails to Improve Them In The Future - Learning From Your Mistakes!

Who can join us?

Any 10th Pass student can enroll for this course with An E-Commerce Store and strong determination to succeed as an Online Entrepreneur

What will you learn from this course?

  • Set Up Professional Email Marketing Account For Free
  • How To Turn Email Marketing Into An Automatic System To Sell Products
  • Discover The Secrets To Building A Long Term Solid Online E-Commerce Business
  • Find Out Real Case Studies And Learn From The Failures and Successes Of Experts

Course Outline/Syllabus

    • Module 1 The History, Nature and Impact of E-Commerce
    • Chapter 1 The Internet and E-Commerce
    • Chapter 2 The Nature of E-Commerce
    • Chapter 3 Retailing on the Internet
    • Chapter 4 Global E-Commerce
    • Project: Doing Business on the Internet
    • Module 2 You and E-Commerce
    • Chapter 5 Building a Career in E-Commerce
    • Chapter 6 Ethical, Legal, and Social Responsibilities in E-Commerce
    • Project: Electronic Resume
    • Module 3 Marketing Essentials/Marketing Information Management
    • Chapter 28 Marketing Research
    • Chapter 29 Conducting Marketing Research
    • Project: Marketing Information Management: Charts and Graphs
    • Module 4 Web Site Development
    • Chapter 9 Creating a Web Site
    • Chapter 10 Building a Web Site
    • Chapter 11 Web Site Management
    • Project: Creating a Web Site
    • Module 5 Marketing in a Digital World
    • Chapter 12 Fundamentals of Internet Marketing
    • Chapter 13 Distribution in E-Commerce
    • Project: Pictorial Essay: Channels of Distribution
    • Chapter 14 Customer Service and Web Site Personalization
    • Chapter 15 Advertising for E-Commerce
    • Project: E-Commerce Positioning Project
    • Module 6 Business Structures and the Business Plan in E-Commerce
    • Chapter 7 Business Structures and Economics in E-Commerce
    • Chapter 8 Revenue Models and the Business Plan in E-Commerce
    • Module 7 Marketing Essentials/Entrepreneurship
    • Chapter 34 Risk Management
    • Project: Pictorial Essay/Business Risks
    • Chapter 36 Financing the Business


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