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10 Best Things Adobe Illustrator has better than Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator Vs. Corel Draw

1. Live Paint

Adobe Illustrator Live paint command is most advance command it divides the objects to put different colors in different areas which make our work easy and fast to do. Make most advance designs in seconds. We can use colours, gradients and patterns whatever we want. Below are some examples design from live paint command which students learn.

2. Brushes

Being a vector software adobe Illustrator is the most advance software for vector brushes. There are variety of brushes in adobe illustrator software. Brushes run on stroke and we had 5 types of brushes in Illustrator to learn. These five category of brushes run with different nature as their name describe like: Pattern brush, scatter brush, calligraphy brush, Art brush and bristle brushes. Make variety of borders, designs and there is variety of Brush library in adobe Illustrator by which designer become more creative.

 3. Patterns

Pattern in adobe Illustrator are easy to make and fast to apply. Just by dragging your design in swatches palette your pattern is ready to use. In swatch library , Adobe Illustrator has variety of patterns and we can download patterns from various website to use. Patterns are creative and If one know techniques to create a attractive patterns can use this in his design to make it more impressive.

4. Playing with Strokes by Width tool

Adobe Illustrator has very flexible commands to play with strokes. With the help of width tool one can add nodes to the stroke of an object and increase or decrease width from various points. Designer can apply variety of profiles to its strokes for making attractive designs in adobe Illustrator.

5. Appearance

Most advance palette in Adobe Illustrator is appearance palette. Appearance palette controls the look of each and every object. It contains number of Fills applied in object, Number of strokes applied in objects, Number of Effects applied in an object, opacity of an object. Manages all effects, fill, strokes of an object and make all these things editable. Learning Adobe Illustrator and about managing objects can be made easy by learning this adobe Illustrator palette.


Making graphs by using data in any vector graphics design software can only be done in Adobe Illustrator. Designers can import data from excel sheets or can create data from scratch in Illustrator itself and apply different categories and designs to their graph, Helps designers to make any info-graphics designs in seconds and all graph design are easily editable in Adobe Illustrator.

 7. Symbols

Making symbol and making creative design with symbols in adobe illustrative is just an amazing tool for all designers. As there are variety of symbols tools are given in adobe illustrator with various advance options. Vast symbol library is also provided in adobe illustrator for designers to make use in their designs.

8. Effects

Adobe illustrator has variety of effects all of which are vector in nature whether it is a Blur effect, distort effects or shadow and glow effects. Designer can apply these effects on any object or text and can also make graphics style to make use further. Illustrator also provide with many creative effects like scribble, 3D effects. To understand these styles Adobe Illustrator provide us with Graphics style library.

9. Perspective

3D perspective tool in adobe Illustrator can create any perspective designs very fast and it is also very helpful to designers working in perspective. No other 2D vector design software provides this much variety in perspective designs. Select surface and work on it.

10. Selections

Making selection with variety of selection tools in adobe illustrator. If one knows each and every selection tools with it’s advance option he can easily manage its all objects in adobe illustrator and in seconds he can select all that object which he wants. Selection menu and selection tools has variety of options in adobe Illustrator to make it most advance software.

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