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4 Common Font Types and When to Use Them
4 Common Font Types and When to Use Them
4 Common Font Types and When to Use Them

4 Common Font Types and When to Use Them: When you’re first finding out the nuances of typography, all those different font types can be confusing. You might know the distinction in between serif and also sans-serif, however do you recognize the right time to utilize them? And also what concerning the dozens of subtypes?

4 Common Font Types and When to Use Them

There are 4 common font types you can make use of in website design, each with their own unique look. Not exactly sure where to begin? We’ll provide you a little typography advice so you can design a web site that perfectly communicates the mood you’re choosing.

Checkout Below 4 Common Font Types and When to Use Them.


Serif fonts are the go-to for stylish and professional styles. These fashionable fonts are noted by the little dashboards expanding from the stroke of each letter. Serifs have actually long been used for comprehensive passages in print. They give websites an old-fashioned, innovative tone.

Generally, serif fonts are suitable for almost any kind of circumstance: headers, body text, tiny to large sizes, and brief or lengthy copy– they need to only be avoided in really little sizes. Some also declare that serifs are much less screen-legible.

Old Style: Going back to the 1400s, these serifs are noted by reduced line comparison and angled anxiety.

Transitional: Transitional designs bridge the gap in between standard as well as modern-day serifs. You begin to see even more line comparison as well as stylistic additions.

Didone: These modern-day serifs have dramatic line comparison, and also are really typically utilized in print items.

Slab Serif: Wide, strong, and immediately appealing, piece serifs make great display fonts.


Throughout history sans-serifs were declined for their more elegant relatives, yet the vibrant and understandable typeface is now used to stand for modernity, simpleness, and also efficiency.

Sans-serif fonts lack the tiny strokes at the end of letters, and consequently are more legible on screens and also at smaller sizes. These fonts are a jack of all trades, and also look great at any type of size and in any type of size of message. Utilize them when you’re shooting for a modern or minimal ambiance.

Grotesque: The earliest sans-serifs, these fonts are basic and also strong, commonly with a square shape to them.

Neo-Grotesque: Neo-Grotesques much less look like very early serifs, with a more minimalistic style.

Geometric: Composed of simple forms like circles and squares, these have an appealing simplicity yet are a little much less legible in type of body.

Humanist: Inspired by calligraphy and old-style serifs, humanist fonts are distinct with highly diverse line sizes.


Script fonts are specified by their handwritten, cursive- or calligraphy-like style. They bring the elegance of serifs with a much more authentic and gorgeous design.

Unlike serifs, nonetheless, manuscripts aren’t produced legibility. They shouldn’t be made use of as body message or flows longer than a paragraph or two. They look fantastic as headers, logo designs, or brief quotes. If you require something a little a lot more one-of-a-kind, try a script font.

As a result of its one-of-a-kind nature, this typeface is tough to classify, however there are a few distinct classifications.

Formal: Inspired by handwriting from the 1600s-1800s, formal scripts usually have huge, remarkable loopholes and also archaic designing, and also appear to be drawn with a quill or pen.

Informal: Casual scripts are equally as stunning yet much less official, looking even more like fancy contemporary handwriting. Usually, they appear drawn with brush strokes.


The last font type, and also the hardest to determine, is decorative/display fonts. These fonts are the most special and come in any kind of kind of design you can consider, from graffiti to abstract to three-dimensional font types.

You may be able to get away with utilizing a script font in a paragraph if you’re really feeling adventurous, but decorative fonts belong just in single sentences and as header message. They’re created for style, not clarity.

There’s also symbol fonts, which display letters as numerous ornaments like faces or items. This can have some use as decoration.

Display and also decorative fonts are enhanced for usage at very large sizes. Use them anywhere but your body message.

Create Better Font Palettes

Now that you recognize exactly how to use every sort of font, it’s time to create a font scheme for your design job. The majority of sites use 2 or three major fonts, a header as well as body font.

Bear in mind to make use of the rule of contrasts. You could utilize a script header font and also match it with a stylish serif, or serif body text with a captivating sans-serif title. You might also attempt two of the very same kinds of fonts, yet select a bolder display typeface and comparison it with a tidy body font.

Your options are unlimited, so explore numerous tastes of fonts and see what happens.


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