6 Simple Tips for PHP Developer

Tips for PHP Developer


PHP language is the most popular programming language for Web applications. It is a server side scripting language. It helps to create a dynamic and user friendly website. Many popular web projects are developed in PHP language.

Listed below are some important tips for web developer to speed up proficiency and make the code much more readable, neater and responsive.

  1. Use a Framework
  2. Use $_POST Not  $_GET
  3. Give  Variables Meaningful Name
  4. Use PHP Built-in Functions
  5. Use a Source Editor
  6. use Comments

Use a Framework : frameworks decrease the time spent developing a website. A Web framework is software that combine some common functionality that  speed up development of project. Frameworks eliminate burden in developing Web applications.If you use a framework for the repetitive tasks in programming, the code become less for debugging and testing thus you’ll develop application faster.  when you have to work with other developers it gives you a standardized platform for web projects. CakePHP, Zend, Symfony and CodeIgniter are most popular framework.

Use $_POST Not  $_GET : Don’t use GET function if possible, use POST function where you can.The reason is that GET function is not secure it shows password details to address bar. When using form submission  choose POST because it’s secure.this is not always possible .GET provide easy way to do pagination and permalinks.

Give  Variables Meaningful Name : Always give variables name that mean something. Include some details about type of data in comment box.This is important because there is no rule to specify a type when declaring a variable in PHP. Give a variable name that is easy to read and understand.

Use PHP Built-in Functions : PHP comes with many internal function that are included in every version of PHP, such as the string and variable and MySQL functions.One of the features of PHP language is its built-in functionality. PHP provide the huge collection of built-in functions. You can call these functions anywhere in your code without defining the function.Make sure you are not allowed to define user define functions with names of built-in functions.

Use a Source Editor: A web developer should choose a best source editor/IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to save time.while writing a code we have to spend the majority of time in editor, so you want to use editor in which you are expert something to save time. code editor include feature like code hinting, code navigation and built-in debugging tools. All of these features save time.

use Comments : Always use comments to make code more readable and also for future maintenance of programming.when we write a code sometimes  it become hard to understand our own code. Comments will help you to understand the code.documentation of code through comments is definitely a good practice. It is not needed to comment every single line.Don’t Over-Comment Your Code.

Single line comment : A single line comment is start with //     (// Line One Comment) .

multiple lines comment : It is enclosed in /**    **/

(/** Paragraph Comment

Paragraph Comment

Paragraph Comment **/)

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