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Adobe After Effects Course Fees & Duration

Adobe After Effects Course Fees & Duration

Adobe after effects is a very powerful tool to make visual effects to create any kind of effects we saw in movies televisions and advertisements. You can learn Adobe after effects with no previous knowledge about computers or any other software but it will be good if you learn Adobe Photoshop before doing this fast Adobe after effects software. In this blog, we share with you adobe after effects course fees and duration.

Adobe After Effects Course Fees & Duration

After Effects course can be done in various steps and in various levels so it varies from different fees and duration structure. there are five different levels in which the courts can be divided and you can cover all the steps while doing the course.

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After Effects is used to make animations, visual effects, presentations, graphs animations, audio effects, interactive animations, promos, special effects used in advertisements and movies. you can create edit animate any kind of effects in Adobe after effects or while doing the Adobe after effects course.

Adobe after effects course is a 100% practical course and can be covered with only professional teachers with more than 15 years.

The five different levels of Adobe after effects course are

Level 1: Adobe after effects basics animation

Level 2: Adobe after effects text and shape animations

Level 3: Complete Adobe after effects VFX panel

Level 4: Advanced After Effects tools and 3D effects

Level 5: After Effects coding with expressions

Each level can be cover in 40 hours, if you choose our regular normal track program then Adobe After Effects course can be cover in 5 months of duration with all levels and complete professional training.

Adobe After Effects Course Fees

By seeing the duration each level can be cover in 1 month, and for the course, you can pay the fees in equal monthly installment, which will be rupees 10000/-. You can avail of discounts with other scholarship schemes or if you have any previous knowledge of any designing software.

There is an option to pay a down payment of rupees 35000/- one time for the complete course with all levels.
Students or candidates can also choose the partial course with a Limited number of levels I want to cover three levels of the course you can cover three levels by paying the three-level fees which are which will be rupees 30000 if you pay in equal monthly installments of rupees 10000 and similarly if you pay down payment for this 30000 you need to pay only 20,000 of the course fees.

The fees and duration also vary from that track you choose, the various other tracks of the course are Fast Track course, normal track course, professional track course likewise for more details and information you can always visit our website are you can call at 9891 222 738.

Students for candidates can also attend free counseling sessions before joining the course they will be getting the knowledge about their level and the best option to do the course and what all contents they will be learning during the course in detail.

Thanks for reading this article hope you find this article informational. All the fee duration contents are valid for the year 2021.

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