Adobe Illustrator training vs. Corel Draw training in the Graphics Design Course

Adobe Illustrator training vs. Corel draw

Which is best for Graphics designers and web designers.

Students Interested in Graphics design courses or web design courses always get confused weather which software to use. There are many designing software in the market to learn. Which are best to learn and which are demanded by companies? Both Corel and Adobe Company released their software which is vector by nature. Both the software are vector software, work on shapes, Illustration, Cartoons, Landscapes, Logo making, and Abstract Design. Both work for Designing for all types of media.

Software used for Print, web, and electronic media for creating designs. Designing covers in this software is like designing brochures, catalogs, Calendars, and Book covers for Print media. Banner Designs, Online advertisements, Web buttons, Web layouts, and websites are also designed in this software.

When both the software are of the same nature and making designs for the same types of media then what is the difference between these two software? This is a big question for all students learning Graphics design courses or web designing courses. Till now we read the difference between the two is only the companies that is one is Draw software is Corel Company and Illustrator software is Adobe Company. For more differences between the two read further.

Adobe Illustrator is the most advanced vector software even more advanced than Corel Draw. So by nature, Corel draw is easy to learn and most graphics designers start from Corel Draw. Corel draw is easy to handle. Corel Draw works for all designs and in Asian countries, it is the most popular software among designers. Being Adobe Illustrator most advanced and fastest software for vector design. Adobe Illustrator has more advanced features than Corel Draw software. Adobe Illustrator is slighter tougher than Corel Draw to understand. But one who is comfortable with Adobe Illustrator can’t work in Corel Draw fast and comfortably.

The question is which software to learn and why?

Graphics designers must learn both these software. Both are used for designing and in a Country like India Company demands both software for graphics designers. Web Designer should learn only Adobe Illustrator software from these two options because web designers covers one family of software which all are from Adobe company. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge Animation all these software are from company Adobe. So Web designer should learn Adobe Illustrator and can easily shift his designs to other software of Adobe family.

Web Designer learning raster designs in Adobe Photoshop so they learn Adobe Illustrator for vector design purpose. Corel Draw is learn by Graphics designer because it is perfect in all kind of Print media works.

In Bapu graphics we teach four designing software Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign to students getting trained as graphics designer in graphics design course. For Web Designer in Bapu Graphics we teach two designing software Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Rest of the web design course is covered with the developing codes like HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, J-Query.

Both Adobe Illustrator and Corel draw are learned by students depending upon their requirement. Whether you are preparing for Print media or Web media. Hope above article will help you and share it with all graphics and web designers to get the clear difference for the learners.

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