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Coding Languages for Web Development
Coding Languages for Web Development

Coding Languages for Web Development: The term Web development is used to refer to the process of creating awebsite as per client requirement. Web Development rang from creating a simple web page to more complex web applications. It is a non design part of website creation. It include coding of a web page by using programming languages.Web development languages are the HLL (Hign Level Languages ) through which we can communicated instructions to a machine.


Web Development include:

Client-side Coding: A browser is usually used to run the client-side environment. Source code is transfer on the web server.When a client request for a web page the request is transfer to the server for accessing the web page.

Server-side Coding:Server side coding runs the script on web server.Server is responsible for display the html page on client browser when a client request for a web page.

Database technology: A database is interrelated collection of files.A database management system used to store the data in an organized is store in form of records into the files.When you create a database you can perform insertion , deletion , searching operation in the database.In order to learn web development the most important things is having expertise in coding.

coding language

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • Java Script
  • CSS (Casecading Style Sheet)
  • PHP (Hypertext Pre Processor)
  • MYSql

HTML: It is a collection of markup elements/ tells the browser how to display the content to the user.tags come in pair.HTML is used to create static web pages.HTML embedded text,images,table,list,forms and links into a single web page.

JavaScript : Javascript is a lightweight object oriented scripting is dynamic type language .There is no need to declare data type of variables in javascript.javascript interact with HTML.When the user submit the html form the javascript code is executed.most of the browser (opera ,safari,google chrom ,
netscape and many more browsers) support java script.

CSS :It define the layout of a web page.the STYLE element is placed between the TITLE and BODY statement.CSS contain style element such as font, margin,table,list,background color etc.

There are basically three types of CSS

  1. Internal CSS : Internal CSS placed at the head section of HTML Document.
  2. External CSS:  In External CSS the styleis stored in a seperate file.CSS file is store by using the extension .css.(<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”/support/style.css” /> ) tag is used to link an external stylesheet in the HTML page.
  3. Inline CSS: Inline CSS placed at the position where you need can place CSS anywhere in the HTML code.

PHP: PHP is a widely-used, open source scripting language.PHP file contain HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP Code.PHP is used to create dynamic web pages.we can display images,PDF FILE,flash movies by PHP Code.php also runs on different platform.

MYSQL:it is open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) .It has operation like insertion, deletion and searching of records in a database.mysql is important part of Php application.

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