Content Management System (CMS)

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Content Management System(CMS)

A Content Management System is a software tool that offers the creation, management, publishing of information on the web. CMS is a simple strategy for dealing with your web content without the need of specialized ability. As such, it is online programming that works like your library and monitors all the substance for the site.

A CMS permits you to deal with your site regardless of the fact that you have no specialized learning, background with HTML or site plan.  CMS lessens the time required to publish, permitting you to get your content on-line speedier.

Numerous organizations think that its hard to keep their site content up to date. the website stagnates and customers get the outdated information. That is the reason such a large number of organizations are swinging to CMS.
CMS is categorized in 4 parts described below:

  1. WCMS( Web Content Management System): A web content management system enables allow us to create web page using templates without the need for the technical skills. These templates are inbuilt and user can also create their own template. We can insert image, text, audio and video into these template. These templates which are then published onto the website when the appropriate contents are inserted into the template. Web Content Management System is responsible for maintaining, controlling, inserting and editing the content on a webpage.
  2. MCMS(Mobile Content Management System): The quick development in the portable innovation industry has prompted an expanding interest for frameworks which can oversee content for smartphones. an MCMS provide the interface with the features of  ease of use, readability and navigation in  small mobile screens. An main issue related to MCMS is that there is a  limitations of each mobile device with different screen size and different thus the main issue to create set of templates which will work same for any screen size of mobile.
  3. CCMS(Component Content Management System):In Component Content Management System contents are broken down into smaller units such as a word, image or link rather than a complete improve quality of the documentation. Every component is stored for one time in the CMS and then re-used in multiple documents. Thus it removes the problem of copying and pasting the document. It save staff time and resources.
  4. ECMS(Enterprise Content Management System):Enterprise Content Management System are specially designed to meet the needs of a Enterprise. ECMS  is the collection and association of data that is to be utilized by business officials and is a dynamic blend of procedures, techniques, and  tools used to capture, manage, store, and deliver information to right people’s when they require it to be there. ECMS is a progressing and developing methodology for boosting how your content is to be utilized.

Top 10 CMS

    • JOOMLA!
    • DRUPAL
    • ocPortal
    • WebGUI
    • PHPWiki

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