Counseling refers to the directions or suggestions regarding the future course of action. It has become an important topic of discussion and is as important as the career itself. Counseling ought to be done with great precision and insight in accordance with the person who is being counseled, as the results are going to change his perspective and overall vision of future.
Today, the era is changing and evolving. People are coming out of their orthodox and old rotten ways to new and freshly adopted beliefs and systems. They are choosing the less travelled paths which can suffice their conscience and their pockets as well. Therefore,¬†career counseling becomes most mandatory as it offers the food for your thought; Course to your path; and a kick towards your goal. And to know, that there is free counseling available, won’t u like to grab the most of it? So let us spill some beans.
At Bapu Graphics, we provide free counseling to every student before the admission who wishes to step into this vast field. He is counseled on the basis of his interests, skills and qualification by the panel of experts through assigned questionnaires. It is then suggested to him as to which course he should pick up and why.
The student’s capabilities are strictly kept in mind while directing him to a particular course. For example A student can be tailor-made for the customized course and not the complete one. Along with the free counseling session,¬†we also provide students with a practical guidance and once again fathom the students’ talents, creativity and innovation.
Therefore, one should never take up any course in a spree of moment by simply glancing at the duration, fee structure and the popularity of the course, rather COUNSELLING ought to be a major priority.

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