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Difference Between Generalization and Specialization

Difference Between Generalization and Specialization In DBMS

Generalization and Specialization both the terms are a lot more typical in Object Oriented Innovation, and also they are likewise made use of in the Data source with the very same attributes. Generalization happens when we neglect the distinctions as well as acknowledge the similarities between reduced entities or kid classes or relations (tables in DBMS) to create a greater entity. Nevertheless, when we moved on to the specialization, it spilt a greater entity to form lower entities, after that we uncover the differences between those lower entities.

They are precisely contrary to each other. Better, we will talk about the differences in between Generalization and Specialization with the help of contrast chart.

Difference Between Generalization and Specialization In DBMS:

Basis For ComparisonGeneralizationSpecialization
BasicIt proceeds in a bottom-up manner.It proceeds in a top-down manner.
FunctionGeneralization extracts the common features of multiple entities to form a new entity.Specialization splits an entity to form multiple new entities that inherit some feature of the splitting entity.
EntitiesThe higher level entity must have lower level entities.The higher level entity may not have lower level entities.
SizeGeneralization reduces the size of a schema.Specialization increases the size of a schema.
ApplicationGeneralization entities on group of entities.Specialization is applied on a single entity.
ResultGeneralization results in forming a single entity from multiple entities.Specialization results in forming the multiple entity from a single entity.

Meaning of Generalization

Generalization, this term is often used while developing any kind of relational Schema. If developing proceeds in a bottom-up manner then it is featured as Generalization. If the entities, that are found out to produce a schema shares some comparable functions, after that they are incorporated to develop a higher-level entity.

In generalization, we say if some lower level entities have some characteristics alike then they are clubbed to create a brand-new higher degree entity that will certainly even more incorporate with some entities to form a new higher level entity. In generalization, there can never ever be a high degree entity with no reduced degree entity.

It is always applied on a group of entities, and if overviewed it appears to minimize the dimension of a schema.

Let us review an instance of generalization. If I ask you to name some furniture, then it’s common to state research study table, dining table, computer table, elbow chair, folding chair, office chair, dual bed, single bed and also the list is so on.

Now, we will certainly generalise these furniture, right here, study table, dining table, computer table, all are kind of table so, I will popularize these entities to a new higher degree entity Table. The entities elbow chair, collapsible chair, office chair, are the sort of Chair so, they form a brand-new greater degree entity Chair. The entity Dual bed, Single bed integrated to develop the higher level entity Bed. Currently, we have three greater level entity Table, Chair and also Bed which can be clubbed further to form a brand-new higher degree entity Furniture.

Meaning of Specialization

Specialization is a creating treatment that continues in a top-down fashion. Specialization is just opposite to Generalization. In Specialization , we divided an entity to form several reduced degree entities. These newly created reduced degree entities inherit some functions of the higher level entities.

It might occur that a greater degree entity might not divide further and also therefore, it may not have any lower degree entity. Specialization is constantly applied on a solitary entity, as well as if overviewed, it enhances the dimension of a schema.

Let us go over Specialization with the help of an example. Allow us take an entity Pet and also use specialization on it. The entity pet can additionally be splashed into amphibian, reptiles, birds, creatures the checklist is long, but this much suffices for describing specialization.

Now an entity amphibian can be more split to crocodile, alligator, frog.The entity reptile splits to snake, reptile. The entity bird can be divided to sparrow, pigeon, parrot. Animals can be spilt to a tiger, lion, elephant.

This is exactly how Specialization raises the number of entity enhancing the dimension of a schema.

Key Difference Between Generalization and Specialization In DBMS:

  • The essential difference in between generalization and specialization is that Generalization is a bottom-up approach. However, Specialization is a top-down method.
  • Generalization club all the entities that share some typical homes to develop a brand-new entity. On the other hands, specialization spilt an entity to develop several new entities that inherit some properties of the spiltted entity.
  • In generalization, a greater entity needs to have some reduced entities whereas, in specialization, a higher entity may not have any lower entity present.
  • Generalization helps in reducing the dimension of schema whereas, specialization is simply contrary it raises the number of entities thus raising the size of a schema.
  • Generalization is always related to the team of entities whereas, Specialization is constantly applied on a single entity.
  • Generalization causes a development of a solitary entity whereas, Specialization results in the development of numerous new entities.


Generalization and Specialization both are the designing treatments and also both are just as vital to create a schema. Which one to make use of depends upon the demand of an individual.

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