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Difference Between Google and DuckDuckGo
Difference Between Google and DuckDuckGo
google and duckduckgo

google and duckduckgo

Worldwide of search, Google towers above the rest.

It’s the “market standard” internet search engine that is relied upon in a lot of any circumstances (at the very least in the United States), as well as, allow’s be sincere: it’s forever reason.

Google search is an incredible device.

But competitors are constantly going to be trying to search market share. And also periodically, there are most likely to be some great search engines that are actually worth utilizing.

DuckDuckGo may just be just one of those rivals, especially if you’re seeking privacy that you might not obtain elsewhere. However, DuckDuckGo has plenty more to use searchers.

What follows is an in-depth comparison of the functions of two great internet search engine we enjoy– DuckDuckGo and also Google. As we attempt to respond to the concern: which online search engine should you use?


Search Features

Google is the O.G

But why, specifically?

To start, it’s one of the most robust, substantial internet search engine around in even more methods than one, with a family of tools and also data sources to accompany it and support its goal of supplying one of the most relevant, qualified solutions swiftly and conveniently.

For instance, owning a tool as powerful as Google Maps, which flaunts a wide variety of considerable details for services across the globe– from names, addresses, telephone number, and also internet sites, but likewise business-related images that include interiors, outsides, and also daily communications– puts Google in a good placement for success at its core.

We know Google tried to establish a human network with comparable, helpful info in Google+, which is Google’s most recent target of the slicing block.

While this was a futile effort, in the end, it shows Google’s commitment to, not just improving search, however possessing as well as building high-grade vessels to boost it with its platform.

Like DuckDuckGo, Google provides details search verticals to aid merely searches, but with even more options.

In addition to traditional web outcomes, and also those Maps results, there are verticals for:

  • News.
  • Videos.
  • Images.
  • Shopping.
  • Books.
  • Flights.
  • Finance.
  • Personal searches.

There are extra search setups and devices that can be utilized to more fine-tune searches (shown below).

google vs duckduckgo


“The Google Look index consists of thousands of billions of webpages and is well over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size,” Google says.

This is, without a doubt, the fastest of search engine indexes. And it’s one of the major factors Google is the dominate gamer in search.

It isn’t just the largest search index; it’s also the most intelligent.

Google is continuously making updates to its algorithms as well as ranking signals, consisting of the addition of an expert system using RankBrain. This machine-learning system is an additional reason Google controls and also supplies, without rival enclose sight.

It has the very best crawlers, the most effective index, as well as the best algorithms, which is why I always think something I typically say: “If it’s not on Google, it’s not real.”

This is a playful declaration based on Google’s extraordinary capability to identify search questions– as well as their answers– from special long-tail searches without a few of the most essential piece of information.

For instance, locating a film regarding a particular person or location without recognizing the name of the film, year of beginning, or various other seemingly critical information.

When I search for a 1980s skateboarding film with a name I don’t understand but bear in mind the major personality has blonde hair, Google delivers me the solution I am searching for right ready 1.

googgle vs duckduckgo

The flick I was looking for is, obviously, “Shining the Dice” with Christian Slater from 1989.

There are various other popular entities that Google owns that add to making it the powerhouse it is, like YouTube, Gmail, Play, as well as AdSense, and so forth.

It additionally flaunts one of the best (and totally free) device suites for performance that includes Sheets, Docs, Slides, Schedule, as well as extra.

That’s not to neglect Google’s cost-free tools for web designers and also marketing experts, including Google Analytics and also Search Console.

What makes Google truth Goliath of the sector? It’s the combination of:

  • Its vast network of Alphabet-owned tools and properties.
  • Its unmatched ability to understand real-world entities and their relationship to one another (things, not strings).
  • Its constant commitment to improving the Google Search experience for the short- and long-term.
  • Its unparalleled leadership in the world of search and all things websites, we know what makes Google the true Goliath of the industry.

And while it is the largest as well as best online search engine around, it does not alter the reality that Google is, actually, constantly extracting info from its users and using it where it can for the gain of the company and/or the people paying the business for the extracted individual data and/or marketing.

It’s no secret that Google is doing this, so it’s not “fairly” incorrect; it’s just not recognized by the bulk of customers precisely what information is being utilized, what it’s being used for, and why it’s being used in all.

This has actually enabled Google to turn into one of the wealthiest business in the world, and it’s much trouble to its targeted advertising marketed on its very own platform and with its several companions.

That still doesn’t change the fact that it is the best search engine around.

That’s in fact specifically why it has actually turned into one of the most effective business: the high quality of its search system.

Pros of Using Google

Google Is the Best

Google has and will certainly remain to achieve feats other business– including online search engine– merely aren’t able to yet, if ever before.

It’s a superstar brand that has actually been, not simply in the thick of search considering that its inception, yet pressing it to brand-new heights anytime it can, as well as prior to every one of its competitors.

It’s Unmatched

Google has the biggest search index, the most intelligent online search engine algorithm, as well as the largest portfolio of totally free tools that all fit appropriate inside its online search engine.

It’s the Dominant Power of Search

Yeah, it’s generally the like both factors above. But it’s what really matters.

Google is the very best and has actually been for rather some time. As well as it has actually transformed every American’s life because of its launch in 1998.

It will continue to be ingrained in our lives for years to find.

Cons of Using Google

It’s Hard Not to Feel Violated

Google additionally has the biggest ad network, too. That’s thanks to data its compiled from its customers and also their behavior.

On the natural side, Google deals with personalization as a benefit to the customer, however, that’s all attained with data collection also.

Overthink Customer Experience & Other Ideas

Google is always examining features and modifications, large and little, to attempt and also obtain a suggestion of what works best.

Occasionally, Google will certainly change points and, after that, it does not look like it was a change right.

Yet, that’s Google, and also in some cases, the changes (or lack of common sense functions) leave webmasters, online marketers, as well as searchers scraping their heads.

It Isn’t Always Right (Still).

While it goes over in many every little thing it does, Google’s full-blown launch of its Featured Snippet feature led to a lot more “recognizable” wrong or misleading solutions.

In trying to provide its ideal (as well as frequently auto-generated) quick answer for simple inquiries, Google often has actually pulled incorrect information (on a large range of intensity) that still reveals the computer system can’t always outmaneuver (or out-do!) human beings.


Search Features

Established in 2008, DuckDuckGo asserts to not keep personal info of its customers, ever.

” Our personal privacy plan is straightforward: we do not accumulate or share any of your personal information,” the web site’s homepage says listed below the main search field.

DuckDuckGo does not follow its customers around with advertisements since it will not keep their search background, will not track their IP address, as well as essentially has no personal data to sell, despite whether the user remains in the personal searching setting.

DuckDuckGo separated itself from the competitors early and commonly in regards to the personal privacy it offers its users– that same personal privacy other online search engine has actually refused to provide till DuckDuckGo.

Simply have a look at its Twitter feed if you wish to discover how pro-privacy this internet search engine is.

However past privacy, what else does DuckDuckGo bring to the table?

For beginners, it has a comparable design to Google, including:

  • Search engine landing pages (SERPs) of 10 organic search results (both search engines served 10 organic search results on their respective Page 1s in March 2019).
  • A couple of ads at the top and the bottom of each SERP, give or take one or two and depending on the search volume and competition around certain keywords and topics.

DuckDuckGo utilizes its web crawler, DuckDuckBot, and also approximately 400 various other sources to compile its search results page, consisting of another online search engine like Bing, Yahoo, as well as Yandex, and crowdsourcing sites like Wikipedia.

It additionally uses an Expertise panel-like breakout box on the best rail with quick-access info for vital details like name, address, contact number, website, and so on, attracted from those prior resources, consisting of Wikipedia (much like Google).

DuckDuckGo draws information from user-review website Yelp, including testimonials, addresses, phone numbers, and also organization hrs.

Business-location instructions are pulled from Bing Maps (by default), but this can be changed to Google Maps, RIGHT HERE Maps, or OpenStreetMap as the source (screenshot listed below).

google and duckduckgo

DuckDuckGo supplies a number of other simple functionality and/or preference tweaks that aid simplifies the overall process for the individual, a number of which Google applied first– yet not all of them.

As an example, when an individual has gotten to the bottom of a SERP, they can pick to see more outcomes, which opens up the following SERP straight listed below the present one (without opening a new web page). It’s a basic distinction yet it does make the user experience a little bit cleaner.

Category Pages are one of my individual preferred functions of the DuckDuckGo platform, supplying classification schedules with quick summaries and images that are presented in a clean, tempting means.

And also, like Google (although not as comprehensive), DuckDuckGo uses Immediate Solutions (comparable to Google’s Included Snippets), which are drawn from greater than 100 resources around the internet, according to DuckDuckGo.

There are likewise search-vertical choices, consisting of:

  • Web results.
  • Image results.
  • Video results.
  • News results.
  • Maps results.

As well as, depending upon which upright you search with, DuckDuckGo will dynamically create suitable search verticals.

For instance, when you look a food or preferred recipe, DuckDuckGo will cause the “Recipes” upright for you (screenshot listed below).

google vs ddg

DuckDuckGo likewise has a basic site-search command it calls “! bang phrase structure” that makes browsing one site a lot simpler (not that it’s never ever been done before).

There are a few other usability features that DuckDuckGo offers its customers, but its greatest messaging points come from:

  • The brand’s high standards for privacy.
  • Being an efficient and respectable search engine despite its small piece of search market share (only .22 percent of total market share, well below Ask, Yandex, Baidu, and all three “major players” in the United States, Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

DuckDuckGo annual web traffic did expand by 55 percent in 2017 and by 56 percent in 2018– with simply under 6 billion searches in 2017 and greater than 9.2 billion in 2018.

That number is obviously expected to expand, too– yet to what extent, we do not yet know.

If it keeps growing at this price, however, even more individuals will continue to take notification and also even more people will join in.

Pros of Using DuckDuckGo


A staple of its structure, DuckDuckGo teaches its desire to not track any kind of information of its users or their searches, as well as prides itself available the most private search engine on the marketplace.

Easy to Use

Its tidy user interface, as well as a basic individual experience, use the system a somewhat-unique search experience.

Usability appears to be a primary emphasis, and also it shows. It’s likewise visually pleasing while still adhering to the fundamental idea as well as format of various other search engines.

Growing in Popularity

The even more customers, the more profit, the even more sources = far better online search engine.

Cons of Using DuckDuckGo

Not as Good as Google

It’s the mom-and-pop version of an online search engine, while Google is the costs gold criterion.

DuckDuckGo just does not have the sources of big, long-lasting online search engine. But it’s obtaining much more every year, including a $10 million investment at the end of 2018.

Tiny Browse Market Share

DuckDuckGo just possessed.22 percent of complete search market share in 2017, which is much less than Ask, Yandex, Baidu, and all 3 “significant players” in the USA (Google, Bing, and also Yahoo).

This suggests there is room for a lot of development, but it requires to maintain its increasing popularity for years ahead to acquire significant market share.

Going to Always be Playing Catch-up

Attributes, concepts, and also methods of DuckDuckGo are most likely to (for the most part) shadow Google (consisting of doing the reverse of what Google is doing in terms of personal privacy).

This isn’t out of the standard for other internet search engine; they’re all chasing the large pet dog, Google.

Which Search Engine Should You Use?

Both online search engine can likely obtain you the response your seeking, as well as in a time-efficient way.

Any person that is passionate regarding personal privacy would likely favor– as well as prefer– DuckDuckGo solely for its solid personal privacy policies but also considering that it is a better-than-average internet search engine trying to do right for the people. And also it does a solid task in achieving that.

That doesn’t alter the truth that, if you can not find an answer on DuckDuckGo, you’re most likely to Google to discover it. As well as you will locate it there.

Or else, it does not exist.


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