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Diploma in Digital Marketing
Diploma in Digital Marketing
diploma in digital marketing

Duration : 12 Months
Fees: 96000/-
Skills: Designing, Developing, Editing & Marketing
Support: Lifetime
Placement: 100%
Special Classes, Individual analysis, study Material & Portfolio

Digital Marketing Training Course:  Nowadays, from established businesses to emerging startups, nearly everyone is interested in promoting themselves through digital marketing.  As a result, there is a strong need for marketing services in the industry and companies are in search of digital marketers to sustain their business in the market. The Digital Marketers are been remunerated quite generously due to the demand exceeding the supply of digital marketers.
But to stand in the race of Digital Marketers, you will have to be different. So learning technical skills along with digital marketing makes you standout in the crowd. Technical Skills means to have skills of graphic designer, web developer & video editor, which helps you to excel in Digital Marketing techniques.

Importance of Technical Skills: In order to Run Online Campaigns for promoting businesses, first of all one might need a skill of a designer to design the images, banners, posts, ads and so, then of a developer to develop the website and of a video editor, to create & run video ads on various social media platforms. If the media to promote business is not good enough to attract targeted users, then it would impact ROI (Return on Investment), which is ultimately a loss to the business.
On the other hand, Content Marketing will have the same impact, suppose the Website is not been designed or optimized perfectly, so there will be less user interaction & it can’t rank on search engines result, which will result in a high bounce rate. Needless to say, only we can relate with our vision, so we can’t depend on others for it & in case we have to, we must have enough skills to guide & supervise them. So learning Digital Marketing with Technical Skills not only promises you to bag a good job or become a freelancer but also to have a broader vision of an entrepreneur and a team-leader.

Why Join Bapu Graphics for Digital Marketing Diploma Course:
• Live Project Based Training
• Individual Special Sessions
• Free Counseling Sessions
• Easy Fees Structure
• 17 Years Experienced as Faculty
• 100+ Professional Marketing Modules
• Knowledge of 20+ Paid Tools Training for Marketing
• Complete Focus on Organic and Inorganic Marketing Skills
• Marketing skills with complimentary Designing, Development & Editing skills
With 100% practical & project-based training, this is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses available. “This course is value for money with 4 courses in 1 course” per our students’ feedback. By the completion of the course, you will be capable of enforcing marketing strategies across the major marketing channels. All tools, strategies, and tips recommended in the course, are either free or very cost-effective.

Course Content Of Digital Marketing Diploma Course:
After understanding the need of Technical Skills, let’s learn about technical skills required for digital marketing. Now is the time to understand, which skill you can learn, if you want to be a perfect digital marketer.
Designing Skills:
To check-out Designs that work in marketing, you should have designing skills to Judge & create accordingly. Like:
* Ad Designs
* Banner Designs
* Post Designs
* Image Mixing
* Schemes and Offers
* Managing Ad Sizes
* Collages & Illustrations
* Thumbnails Creation
Editing Skills:
To edit the post-production content per the market needs for online marketing, you must have Editing Skills. Like:
* Video Editing
* Image Editing
* Audio Editing
* Mixing
* Motion Graphics
* Effects and Transitions
Web Designing and Development Skills
A Business Website is very important for online marketing. So, to design and develop a website for displaying details about your business, you must have Web Designing & Development Skills. Some of the web skills that are required for a full-stack marketer:
* HTML and CSS
* Inspect Code Edit
* Web Development
* Web Management
* Word Press ( CMS ),
* Managing Forms
* Embedding Codes
* Building Web Modules


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Published: October 21, 2022
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