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Diploma in Game Design & Development
Diploma in Game Design & Development
  • Duration : 12 Months
  • Fees : 96000/-
  • Softwares : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate and Action Script.
  • Practical : 400
  • Support : Lifetime
  • Special Classes, Individual Analysis, Study Material, Portfolio and many other features

About Game Designing & Development Course

Current Generation is, fascinated by playing more indoor games on mobiles, electronic gadgets, and fewer outdoor games, surrounded by more gadgets that again involve technologies. Games are being best designed & developed by the Video Game Players themselves. Number of games are in demand to pass time without boredam, to name few TempleRun, AngryBird, Jumanji, Fruit Ninja are much in demand because of high-quality animation and creative ideas of the game designers.

Objective of our Game Designing & Development Course

By the end of the course, the students would be able to design, develop and animate all types of 2D and 3D games.

Focus Points of the our Game Designing & Development Course

  • Planning a Board for a Game
  • Designing a Board Game
  • Making Characters and Graphics to Animate
  • Understanding Symbols and Timelines
  • Start Preparing every animated action in a game
  • Start Developing Codes in the Game
  • Adding Keyboard shortcuts and Scoring Scripts
  • Designing more Levels, Graphics and Animation
  • Preparing Scripts for High Score
  • Playing and Analyzing your Games
  • Power Effects and Special Effects in Games
  • Final Preview and online Launch of Game


Benefits of Game Designing Courses

If you love games, becoming a video game designer will allow you to do something you enjoy for a living and will always be surrounded by people who share your passion and talents. An extrovert can become a team leader, overseeing meetings, and coordinating tasks among the designers and a reserved person can become a content designer, also, a focused and detail-oriented person might love being a game mechanic designer, as the gaming industry has roles to suit different gamer personalities.

TakeAways’ from the Course

  • Ability of designing and developing 2D games.
  • Ability of designing and developing 3D games.
  • Process of game designing and development.


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Published: November 16, 2022
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