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DuckDuckGo New Search Results for Weather Forecasts

duckduckgo weather update

DuckDuckGo has presented enhanced search results for weather-related queries.

The brand-new weather format in DuckDuckGo gives much more in-depth info and also more clear pictures. Weather condition responses are still powered by Dark Skies.

Outcomes for weather searches are likewise interactive, revealing hourly information by clicking on days of the week, as well as immediate toggling of Fahrenheit as well as Celsius.

Here is a Duckduckgo before and after comparison:

weather report ddg

n real DuckDuckGo style, the business also emphasizes the personal privacy benefits it provides compared to other search engines.

“In other words, even something as commonplace as wanting to know if it’ll rain tomorrow risks leaking personal data on your phone to third parties, such as where you are at any time of the day or night… It’s therefore not surprising that people want a reliable alternative that respects your right to privacy.”

DuckDuckGo handles weather condition searches for each specific user by presuming an approximate area from the info instantly sent by the browser.

Information concerning a user’s approximate search location is instantly discarded without being saved.

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