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Eyeon Graphics Design

We find it mandatory to state that Eyeon Graphics Design, this late specialty, fast in its development, relevant to all walks and activities of life, this only comprehensive technical specialty due to its relation with a piece of information and innovation, we know it by its numerous names besides graphic design, for it is a design of a piece of details and design of interaction indicates. All of these names refer to the extent of its development as an independent science, the task which in to discover option to problems in the field of promotion, presentation or interaction. For that reason, it is the language of time, a language that is not stationery or fixed, but establishing and keeping pace with the changes of time therefore, we find that Eyeon Graphics Design is in requirement for a certified and establishing cadre able to handle modern-day life requirements in a language that has a quick, basic and direct message, we acknowledge also the relationship of graphic design with writing, printing and publishing since its origin and it is an ingenious work that couples word with shape utilizing art and innovation as a means of communication which begins with a message innovated by a designer that establishes to become a method of visual communication beyond words and excels them with control of color, letter, image and concepts through the designer’s imagination and production of media through which he can communicate the preferred message to the crowd.

For this reason, its significance arises to play a crucial role in modern-day life and to be an important consider promo, media and other ways in fast conveying a piece of info to community dominated by speed that stands out the speed of light, for that reason, it becomes quick in changing due to its relation with community. We find ourselves in front of the truth of graphic design origin and its development phases. Through reading its history, we have been able to know the stages it had actually gone through because its start at the early of 19th century and how Europe was its first home and the role played by a few of the pioneer designers, each in his specialty, through establishing its devices and strategies besides knowing its methods which developed and increased after the first poster and book. Additionally, we understand the aspects that made it an independent science in addition to its impact by the late artistic trends.

I discussed the relationship of graphic design with unique methods confined with printing which established to visual media and end up being definitive of multi phenomena that get developed by the development of modern-day technology, therefore, Eyeon Graphics Design changes into a well-informed science with a continuous developing idea. This reflects the limits of the classic idea of graphic design and the development in exactly what is called net vacuum which brings back to the mind the requirement of assessing the individual abilities and attributes of cadres in this field in addition to restricting the timeless idea of the term graphic design as being fictitious and imaginary though organizing theoretical or creative aspects to produce them by the use of various methods that fit the production system, so, production may be among the media contained in graphic design.

The close relationship of graphic design with printing can not be overlooked; for that reason, I would rather clarify a misconception that puzzles in between graphic design and graphic art and the role of each of them. Depending on this meaning, we had the ability to clarify the function played by the graphic designer who utilizes design factors in an idea and prepares a special design for each media depending upon its end i.e., what printing design he will use, bearing in mind that the success of printing depend first on the designer.

All this makes us ask, is graphic design viewpoint able to, through creativity and fiction, deal with the difficulties of the information time in an effective way? For sure, the answer is figured out by the truth that a designer should have soaked up the product of his time concerning information in on effective method and he has to develop his fictitious impression of the piece of info in order to produce it in a kind that suits his time and his requirements. I likewise talked about how graphic design handle provided material and information and how to manage each of them to understand the needed message.

We can not talk about innovation without talking about computer which considering that its start has an essential impact on the development of performance of graphic design considering that 1970 outside the Arab World and at late 1980’s in the Arab World. By nature, the availability of computer provides numerous programs that serve graphic design at all levels besides the innovation of the web. The computer system has actually helped a lot in developing the capabilities of designers as well as presenting the feature of speed efficiency through a group of options special to image, letter, shape and color.

We can not deny the importance of establishing means and curricula of graphic design besides diversifying them in order to handle the speed of its development and not to forget the requirements and the development of the market. The academic process needs to depend upon time requirements determined by the consistent developing technology and the requirements of time. Therefore, the goals of innovative work incorporated with designer’s proficiency and credentials are the basis on which planning strategy depends to prepare research plans that encourage and turn on creativity and relate it to info tech counting on the different levels of human knowledge and clinical programs supporting the principle of ways to comprehend and apply adequately graphic design program in order to secure it from short-term programming relying in this regard on the designer’s material cognitive concept, the language, the best ways to talk and his ability to understand how to deal with time modifications, technologies, training and qualification for what is in the future worrying the stages of human understanding developments, established curricula and programs that go through continuous development.

Hence, the nature of graphic designer work is various from other careers not just since it is the most ingenious field through the method of dealing with a piece of information and visual communication means but likewise through the various standards making up the work scene which follow an unique development and a sophisticated approach to recognize the objectives of this innovative work along with the competence and qualification of the designer. Graphic designer is not just an artist but also a professional who is able to use the offered programs and their techniques in order to satisfy the job he is accused of. As a result, he is a designer who, through his imagination, reaches the crowd, promotes his creativity, reaches the crowd, promotes and provides through efficient execution with little technical overestimation to recognize effective work.

The reality is that graphic design is firm in its core, developing in its tools which needs close follow- up and cadre identified with a lot of understanding in the field of arts, psychology, marketing, knowledge and info strategies. It is thought about the assistant partner of technical development in regards to computer system, the internet or programming and its systems. We discover it developing in the methods of presenting its different media which are available in the kind of stationery, poster, pamphlet, leaflet, brochure, directed post, pamphlet, website and other large group of media.

The core of graphic design is the design foundation elements and their theories and approach which are constant any whereas the variable is the design of carrying out the design, the type of the medium and the tools of application which have actually moved to the practical side of using computer system and a huge group of programs that deal with photo, hand writing and color. The development of the methods of promotion, presentation and communication besides the diversity of their developed types, all depend on digital media.

We conclude, after studying these aspects and phenomenon in which and with which graphic design plays an important function that graphic design is regularly developing.

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