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FCP Best Features for Video Editing

FCP Best Features for Video Editing

FCP Best Features for Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) was introduced in April of 2011 and released in June of the very same year. In the almost three years since its release, I have actually slowly increased the amount of work I perform with it. Since this writing I remain in the early stages of editing a feature-length docudrama utilizing Final Cut Pro X. I agree with the post-production masses that say Apple must have dealt with the launch of FCP X much better than it did. I could continue regarding just what I want they would have done differently. I won’t. That is not the function of this post. It is also not a point-for-point contrast of editing apps. And I’m not here to discuss whether it’s a professional tool or not either. Many people have actually been cutting great points with FCP X just like with Avid, Premiere and previous variations of FCP. Exactly what I do intend to do here is check out where FCP X currently is and what I wish Apple does to continue to expand it and make it better.

FCP Best Features for Video Editing

The FCP X upgrade that was released in addition to the new Mac Pros in December of 2013 was the most vital update given that the launch of FCP X. As long as I am very grateful for the advantages of that update I still believe there allow improvements that can be made. Below are 12 of my most desired FCP X functions in no certain order.


  1. Make the Event Visitor Useful. It would be nice to be able to do more than just hit play, view, and stop from this window. I intend to be able to scrub, set in and outs, markers as well as search phrases in this home window.


  1. Add Visual Timeline Navigator. A smaller big picture of the timeline, a bird’s-eye view of sorts. I’m sure you’ve seen this example before. On big tasks this could be extremely valuable.


  1. Include Capability to Lasso Select Edit Points. Having selections of just how we do things is a wonderful thing. I would like to have one more choice to pick an edit factor and also get in the trim tool or use a change. I’m certain there is some method Apple could make the lasso device do this.


  1. Permit Timeline Locked Markers. I enjoy a lot of aspects of the manner in which markers currently operate in FCP X but I do not recognize why we cannot have pens that are locked to a details location in time in the job and not just to a clip.


  1. Allow More Flexible Sharing of Timeline Sections. Thanks to some feedback I’ve changed this thing a bit from its initial publishing. On big tasks often it’s simpler to send just a section of a timeline to the audio guy instead of the whole timeline each time you make a tweak. So being able to send out an XML of only part of the timeline would certainly be nice. By doing this they could blend only one area if need be. Also, it would be nice to see the timeline section where the timecode is displayed near the top of the window.


  1. Add the Precision Editor in Secondary Story Line. The accuracy editor in FCP X is a great device but we need to have the ability to use it in secondary story lines, not just the main.


  1. Extra Keyword Selections in The Keyword Shortcuts Editor. Adding key words to clips is like adding metadata tags. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that assists present your media in a range of means. It also makes looking for a specific sort of clip really simple. The key phrase editor is the home window where you enter these search phrases to create them. This window also stores 10 key phrases for easy accessibility. I wish to have the ability to add greater than 10 to this window. It would behave for the quantity of keyword shortcuts to raise automatically when I expand the window. Having a slider to adjust the quantity would work as well. Either way, add more keywords please.


  1. Longer Extra Detailed View of Clips in Events. This one also regarding alternatives. Currently, in the event browser you have two sights, checklist sight and filmstrip view. In the film strip see your clips can be represented by one framework or you can see numerous frameworks standing for various parts of the clip. In checklist view no matter for how long or brief the clip is it is represented in the same way. I would certainly like an added option to watching clip information. When I click on a clip to view it I would like it to be revealed listed below the event customer where the tasks are shown. Below I would like to have the ability to get a comprehensive sight of each structure and sound information. Garageband and also Logic Pro have something much like this for audio.


  1. Add a “Send to Motion” Alternative. I love using Motion to produce custom-made text templates, adjustable histories and custom-made shifts for FCP X. Just what makes me damage my head is the fact that I cannot send a task to Motion or perhaps a just a clip. Motion has the masking tools that you get out of a compositing application and FCP X does not. Give me the choice to send a task or a clip to Motion for access to much better effects as well as compositing tools.


  1. Deal With Jobs Like Clips. The addition of libraries in the 10.1 could be one of the most crucial modification we’ve seen in FCP X. I like having the ability to organize projects in a comparable way that I do media but I want Projects to act like video clips in other facets also. I should have the ability to scrub via a job in the browser similar to a clip. I ought to be able treat that project like a substance clip as well as insert it right into the project I’m presently working on.


  1. Ability to Save Custom Window Layouts. Although FCP X actually has just one window (if you’re just using a single display that is), there are numerous design combinations relying on exactly what you have open and also exactly what size you have actually each section readied to. It would behave to be able to save custom-made designs so we might quickly change to a far better shade adjustment design, a better editing format and a better layout for graphics, etc.


  1. Include an AAF Export Option. The integrated in XML export is great however it doesn’t bring media with it. Yes, you can settle all media from a task for easy sharing and archiving. If you want to get your task to an audio person (sector term) purchasing a third party app called X2Pro is presently your best choice. It takes the FCP XML and the associated audio and makes a Pro Tools suitable AAF data. We are all thankful for X2Pro but this needs to be constructed in. Once again, XMLs are terrific for the majority of things, with the exception of your Pro Tools sound man (sector term).

With each update of Final Cut Pro X my shopping list has actually transformed. I will certainly review this list after each update and also see what has actually been attended to and exactly what hasn’t already.

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