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Features of Drupal CMS (Content Management System)

Features of Drupal CMS (Content Management System)



Drupal is open source web development platform that is created by a team of professional web developers’ community used in large organization Written in PHP.  Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management system and a tool for making dynamic websites. It provides web multimedia publishing facilities .Drupal can be used to make different types of websites like blog, business websites, Social Networking sites, and community websites etc. Drupal have experienced a quick development in the recent years. Among all of the leading countries in software development India is one of the country in software expertise. There are number of software enterprises in India, which are dedicated on outsourced Drupal projects.

If you are using Drupal, you should be aware with the basic features of Drupal.

  • Open Source CMS
  • Easy to use
  • Communication with other Websites
  • Good Design
  • Cheaper
  • Drupal is social
  • Secure

Open Source CMS: Open-source software is computer software in which copyright holder provides have rights to change and distribute the software. Drupal is an open source CMS that is available without any cost. There is no need to purchase license for this software.

Easy to use: Drupal is easy to use web development platforms. You can easily edit the text and images on your websites. Although, you can upload new image, create new pages add new articles and publish new content without having any knowledge of HTML.

Communication with other websites: Drupal allows you to connect your website to other sites by feeds and search engines. Drupal modules enable us to communicate to wider audience and also provide interaction with the file services.

Good Design: Drupal allow web designers to create interactive website designs that attract website users. Drupal provide exciting theme for creating your website. These themes give a distinct identity to the website. You can also design your own themes and other users can use those themes.

Cheaper: Drupal is a Cost-effective CMS that can create big and complex websites with good efficiency and less cost and less time. Drupal offers all the functionalities of commercial CMS also it does not charge any license fees.

Drupal is social: user can browse through the website as a user.  The internet users can create login account by a unique user id and login as authenticated users. User can also allow other users to login as authenticated users and limit their access by determined permission for each user. You can assign more than one roles to a user. Drupal has an online help system which solves user’s queries.

Secure: Drupal managing web content and provide security to your website. It is supported by extensive community of experienced developers. The software is being updated every day.

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