Graphics Design course is a Base of All Multimedia courses.

Why Graphics Design course is MUST?

Graphics design course is must
Graphics Design course for all media is must

Student applying for any of the course in multimedia stream. Graphics design course is a base of all. Graphics Design course is the base of all Multimedia course. Like if student is preparing himself for any media, say Print Media, Web Media, Electronic Media or Mobile Media, Animations, Presentations, Fashion, Interiors. First step is to design graphics. Below given the step by step details of every multimedia course with the need of graphics design course in it.

Print Media

If student wants to prepare himself for print media he with the knowledge of graphics software should also gain the knowledge of all kinds of printing techniques, printing formats, print costs. Print Media course other name is also Graphics design course. In print media its all about Graphics.

Today the all things which are getting printed by various types of machines like say offset printing, digital printing, flex printing even screen printing. First Graphics are design in computer than only these design get printed.

For Printing you have to design Graphics first. This designing of graphics is must. All Brochures, Catalogs, Posters, Calendars, Product cover, Advertisements Graphics are design first then they get ready for print.


Web Media

In all web media what the user is viewing is all the designs, Like all the logos, banner, Advertisement, Image editing, Web Layouts, Templates, Buttons, Menus, Font, Navigation, Headers, footers, articles, sections everything is Designed first.

First step in web media is to design graphics then we move to second step to develop its code and then to third step of marketing the website.

Designing themes website needs designing graphics software. What we will going to develop is the Graphics we design.

Being perfect in graphics design course will make your strong base for web media stream.


Electronic Media

What we see in television or mobiles is all are animated graphics. If we have to animate any cartoon before making its animation we have to illustrate or design that cartoon then only its animation is possible.

For making any promo or any theme for any program, serial or news. First all graphics are designed than only we can launch that program with its VFX and animations.

Every Films needs to design graphics first whether we have to do Editing or to add special effects in it Graphics are always needed by editor, animator or visualizer.

No Multimedia course is without Graphics design software. It is not that we just have to include this software but also take its practical knowledge perfectly. We should know each of its practical use, command, and tools with complete knowledge. Then only we can jump to second step of animation, development or VFX.


Graphics design software is must for all multimedia course as you have seen above in the articles. All Multimedia Institute should also understand this before giving training of any second or third step make students perfect in Graphics design software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which will make better and strong career of every student getting trained for any kind of multimedia works. This first step of graphics design course should never be skipped.

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