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How To Make Website Lightning Fast?

How To Make Website Lightning Fast?

If your website is slow in loading, then this is the right place in which Bapu Graphics tells you to How To Make Website Lightning Fast? A slow website is very bad for all the visitors as you known all the users are impatient. So fast website will impress the users and it is very useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fast website can earn higher revenue and improves website reputation as compared to slow website.

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Here Are The Tips For How To Make Website Lightning Fast?

1. Image Compression

For image compression, you can install a plugin Smush and its 100% free for download and install in your WordPress website.

2. Run a Site Speed Diagnosis

To analyze your website speed, then try this tool WordPress Speed Test in which it tells how to make your website more faster.

3. Simplify Your Code

To remove all the unnecessary source code from your WordPress website, then you can install a plugin Autoptimize which make your website faster.

4. Clean Up Your Database

Download and install WP-Optimize plugin in your WordPress Website. This plugin cleans your database and catches your website.

5. Delete Unused Plugins and Themes

To make your website fast, then Delete All Unused Plugins and Themes from WordPress website which are no longer for used. This will help you to free up your space.

6. Improve Your Hosting Plan

Improve Your Hosting Plan is the simple way to make your website fast. You can upgrade your hosting to another hosting server if your website is slow in loading.

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