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S.P.A.C.E is the formulae by which you will be getting job in Graphics Design easily, now the Institute or any Training Center or College applying S.P.A.C.E formulae is best for your career so understand the Importance of S.P.A.C.E formulae in How To Prepare For Graphics Design To Get Jobs.

S stands for SPEED

You have to work on Speed, this skill is must in today graphics world, Giving your work on given timeline is the main thing which you can achieve with your Speed of Designing by learning various 

  • Technology skills
  • In-Depth Knowledge of Software
  • How to Apply a Command
  • Shortcuts
  • Right Decision while starting a Design
  • Right Selection of Software
  • Well Planning and Implementation

All these skills for making your Speed is Must in Graphics Design, this requires various exercises which these days Institute follows and Bapu Graphics in Delhi works best in this.

P stands for PRACTICE

Yes, Practice makes the man perfect, and this formula is applied in this Graphics Design Practical skills also, Graphics Design is a 100% Practical skill and you need to Practice in different projects under professionals to make this skill as best as possible, by attaining this skill you are no more fresher but you gain experience while doing the graphics design course. This Skill covers

  • Practice Practical Projects
  • Live Projects Training
  • Training under Professionals
  • Practicing on Daily Assignments
  • Practice on different variety of work

Like Poster Design, Book Publishing, Advertisement Design, Brochure or Catalogue Design, Working on Branding of Company, Product Cover Design, Manuals etc..

A Stands for ART and ACCURACY

In Commercial Designing we just not work on our Speed and Practice but the next step is in which we will work is on Accuracy, that how accurate is your design, Accuracy in 

  • Alignment
  • Distributions
  • Spacing
  • Negative Spaces
  • Balancing of Design
  • Principal of Design

And after that the design should be Artistic, Looks unique for this work on 

  • Brush and Painting
  • Color Mixing
  • Backgrounds
  • Borders etc..

And we further take our artistic work to

C stands for CREATIVITY

Creativity is the main key , which all companies judge on candidates which are going for a Graphics Designing career, How Creative you are ? This all depends on what kind of creative exercise you follow from the beginning of training, Bapu Graphics covers more than hundred types of creative exercises during the course. Creativity means

  • Imagination
  • Idea you Generate
  • Thinking out of Box
  • Breaking Rules
  • Be Imaginative for something new

Now what after

Speed, Practice, Art & Accuracy, Creativity

What will be the next Step ?

This step is to make things final so we all should know the last and final step very deeply which is

E Stands for EXECUTION

Execution is the final step that you should gain the knowledge that for which media you are designing whether it is 

  • Print Media
  • Online Media or
  • Broadcast Media

The candidate should take knowledge of all these three medias in depth if your design is for print media you should know 

  • Paper Size
  • Printing Techniques
  • Pre & Post Press
  • Special Color Printing
  • Cutting, Margins and Crop Areas
  • Resolutions
  • Die Cutting etc. and all

Similarly Web and Broadcast media also contains various kinds of knowledge.

So this is the Formula of S.P.A.C.E to How To Prepare For Graphics Design To Get Jobs in company easily and for covering all the points

S – Speed

P – Practice

A – Art & Accuracy

C – Creativity

E – Execution

You should go for the Best Graphics Design Training Course in Delhi , Which is Bapu Graphics training from last 15 years with 100% Placement results.

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