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Important Things For A Graphic Design Interview

After all those learning at the Design school/college, it’s time for you to put those into practice. Ready to face the real world and getting through a job interview is the first step. Let’s see how you can prepare well for that Graphic Design interview while making sure you stand out in that crowd. So in this blog, Bapu Graphics has shared some Important Things For A Graphic Design Interview.

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1. Be ready with a Portfolio

Organise your portfolio under categories like Illustrations, Motion Graphics, Animation etc. for a rich viewing experience. This will give a wider view of your work and will make the interviewer assess you in a better way. Apart from a physical portfolio, organise your work on online platforms like Behance, Vimeo etc. and make sure all the links are working properly.

2. Research about the company

Before applying for any position at a company, make sure to do a basic research about its history, founding and current members and the type of work they do. Do a thorough check about the services they provide and the work they have done in the past. It makes a good impression on the interviewer as Important Things For A Graphic Design Interview, yet the most ignored practice in today’s time.

3. Know the Job description well

Read thoroughly about the role you’re being offered. Make sure to read the job description well. Make pointers on how your profile is a good fit for the requirements of the job.

4. Latest trends in Graphic design

Keep a tab on all the latest trends in the design space. Make sure you are well versed with most of them. This shows that you are up to date and keen on experimenting as per the trends in the market.  Try to use some of those in the designs you’ll be putting in the portfolio. 

5. Create a balance between Creativity and Skill

A good designer isn’t the one who can just use the tools and software’s properly. It also means to constantly be creative, experimental and exploring new ways to use the skill. Think of creative techniques and ways to use the software and create something new and unique. 

6. Play on your strengths

You might be good at the technicalities of the software, or you might like playing with different formats. Typography can be your forte or editing can be something you are great at. Try to play on those strengths and study about the details of it in every possible manner.

7. Explain your workflow

You might be asked to explain your process of converting a brief from a client into a design. Try explaining it systematically in pointers. For example: To create a logo for a food delivery app who can deliver in 30 mins, the process can be:

  • Research about the company
  • Look at the competitor’s works (Food delivering apps like Swiggy, Zomato etc.)
  • Write the USP of the company and the services it’s providing (30 mins delivery)
  • Draw a rough sketch on paper
  • Convert it into design on the software
  • Choose colours that work in the food industry (Warm colours like Red, Orange, yellow that generate hunger)

This is one example, everyone can have their own individual way of working.

8. Present yourself as a Team player

Even though designing can be an individual job but while applying to companies, you need to be a team player. From managers to clients, Audio engineers to post production experts, you will be required to work in a diverse setup.

Present yourself as someone who can work as a team player, keeping in mind the timelines being given.

9. Believe in Smart work

To survive in the modern day industry, one can’t just rely on hard work and skill. Apart from these two, make sure you are a smart-worker who can incorporate the same into his/her designs. As this is the age of Smart and minimal design space, keep your designs clutter-free and easy to look at. 

Good Luck, Be confident, Be Smart, Design your own Path !

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