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JOOMLA – The Best CMS (Content Management System)
JOOMLA – The Best CMS (Content Management System)

JOOMLA – The Best CMS (Content Management System)


A Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application which is used to create, edit, control and publish content in a uniform manner. CMS makes it easy for non-technical user to develop their website. No technical knowledge is required to create the web page except word processing knowledge. The utilization of CMS keeps any check from influencing the execution of the sites. Whatever might be the undertaking to be accomplished on the web from just including news substance or needing to put in new procedures for producing deals drives CMS is the response to it.Before selection the best CMS for your website you have to consider a number of factors such as time, cost, quality, flexibility and control.
The most popular CMS available in the market is:


Joomla is a free open source framework planned for quickly creating highly interactive multi-language web sites, online communities, portals, blogs and e-commerce is a content publishing system. With such a considerable measure investigation and improvement to back it up the Joomla open source CMS is turning better known among the client. It currently has the potential of managing abundant larger and a lot of advanced installations than ever before, one in all these being the implementation of an Access control List which might handle all that was needed of it. This provides directors higher management over any teams or actions and with the ACL being that rather more versatile and strong it will do such a lot over ever before.

Why Joomla is best

  1. Joomla is free
  2. Joomla support SEO, contact forms, RSS, blog, media and multi-language.
  3. Joomla is user friendly. Joomla makes it easy for non-technical user to develop their website.
  4. joomla framework is well organized.
  5. There’s no need to download any templates because high quality templates are already installed for free and when you get tired of one template you can just switch to the other template.

How to Install Joomla

In order to successfully install Joomla in your system it is necessary to check the minimum system requirements MySQL, XML and Zlib functionality must be enabled within your PHP installation.

There are two ways of installing Joomla

  1. Manual Installation.
  2. Web Browser Installation
Manual Installation

Step 1 – Download the Joomla installation package.
Step 2 – Upload the Joomla configuration files to your server.
Step 3 – Create a MySQL Database for Joomla to use.
Step 4 –  Create the primary administrator user account.
Step 5 – Import the sample sql data.

Web Browser Installation

Step 1 – Select the language to use during the joomla installation steps.
Step 2 – Pre-installation check.
Step 3 – Review the license and click Next to accept the terms.
Step 4 – Database Configuration.
Step 5 – FTP Configuration.
Step 6 – Enter the name of your new Joomla site in the text box.
Step 7 – Enter an e-mail address in the Your E-Mail text box.
Step 8 – Enter password you want to use and rewrite the password in confirm password box.
Step 9 – Select the Install Default Sample Data button and then click the Install Sample Data command button.
Step 10 – Click the Site button to visit your new Joomla site or click the Admin button to go to the administrator control pane.

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