Keyboard Shourtcuts For Photoshop:

Photoshop Keyboard Shourtcuts

When you watch an actual Photoshop pro job, you will see that they make use of key-board faster ways as long as possible. While a less-experienced Photoshop user is excavating around in the menus, the pro is touching secrets and obtaining points done quickly as well as effectively.

Some Useful Photoshop Keyboard Shourtcuts Below

  • Ctrl+ T = Free Transform
  • Ctrl + Backspce/Delete = Fill with Background Color
  • Alt+ Delete = Fill with Foreground Color
  • Ctrl+ J = Copy Layer
  • Ctrl+ M = Curves
  • Ctrl+ L = Levels
  • Q = Quickmask
  • = reset foreground/background color
  • Ctrl+ D = deselect
  • Ctrl+ Shift + Alt+ E = Create Composite Layer
  • Ctrl+ G = Create Group

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