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Multimedia and Animation
Multimedia and Animation

Multimedia  and  Animation


Multimedia – When you say “multi-media” is refers to the combination of multiple mediums including  text, audio and visual content. when you combine these ‘mediums’ together to create a design so that a user can interact with web page in more user friendly way with the collective mediums its called “multimedia”.

Multimedia is usually played or accessed by computerized devices.These Multimedia devices are electronic media devices used to store multimedia content. Mulitmedia is a technique in which you can use  audio , video , cartoon and pictures allow us to communicate in visual form.

Multimedia Design Include

  • Web Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Animation
  • Web Applications
  • Sound Design
  • Film Production
  • Photography
thus Animation is considered  under Multimedia Design.

Animation – “Animation” is made from Greek or Latin words ani (means object) and motion (means movement).thus animation means making objects into motion. Animation is putting 2D or 3D drawing, graphics , illustrations together to create moving objects to create a story. Animation is moving graphics put is just a illusion of moving objects.

Types of Animation

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • VFX ( Visual Effects )

2D Animation : 2D animation creates movement of object in a two-dimensional (X,Y) space. 2D Animations are created using 2D bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics.2D animations is used in Movies, computer games, cartoons shows and websites.

3D Animation : The  movement of object in a 3D digital environment with three dimensions (x,y,z) in plane is reffered as 3D Animation.3D Animation allows you to create realistic image. 3D animation is used in Interior Designing,Architecture,Engineering,film Making,Gaming and Shows.

VFX (Visual Effects) :  It is a combination of real movies with false animated images. These images can be so realistic that it seems like  they can communicate  with live action characters. With Visual Effects Technique the TV shows and films  become  realistic and is just a alteration of images during shooting of a movie.

With regards to learning, there are various Multimedia and Computer Education Institutes that giving training in Multimedia and Animation. It is good to check facilities and personnel at the organization before joining any institute. One can select in a Multimedia course or Animation course straight after twelfth standard.There are numerous courses being offered in Multimedia and Animation such as Game Development and Design,Comics Design,Mobile App Design etc. After completing the course there are many fields that can be chosen for like Visual Artists,animator, Graphic Designer, Film Making Animatoretc.

Multimedia Course and Animation Course in Delhi

Bapu Graphics Multimedia and Computer education offer you multimedia Course and Animation Course in new delhi.Bapu Graphics offer these course in different levels such as ADVANCED, SHORT TERM and SPECIAL as per your requirements. We  provides 100% placement for Multimedia and Animation courses students. We provide variety of Animation, Multimedia,Graphics Design &  Web Design Courses depending on abilities and interests in which student can have better career opportunities.

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