Photoshop Tutorials :: Making selections Selection is an Important technique to learn in Adobe Photoshop. Learning all selection technique is Important but most important is to learn to choose the technique for doing particular work. Whether the selection is through brush or through color or and other tool whatsoever , it should  be very fast and accurate. This is all Graphics designers has to learn while doing graphics design course. Some Important selection techniques to be learn in Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Marquee Selection Tool These selection tool helps to select in circular or rectangular form
  2. Lasso, Polygon lasso tool & Magnetic Lasso tool You can make freehand selection tools with lasso tool , Point selection can be done with the help of polygon lasso tool and Selecting by detecting edges is with the help of magnetic lasso tool.
  3. Quick Selection tool Selection by brush with the help of detecting colors.
  4. Magic wand tool Click and same color range selects depend on the tolerance of this Magic wand tool.
  5. Quick Mask tool Selection by Brush and after running brush we can also run filters to select with the help of this command.
  6. Pen tool Pen tool is most accurate tool to make accurate selections. It takes time to make selection but make exact selection.
  7. Color range tool It is in selection menu and we can preview the selection and can add and squeeze selection with the help of fuzziness in it.

There are also more advance techniques to make more complex selections with the help of Channels, midtones, highlights and shadows and with the help of some Filters and plug-ins. This all in detailed manner with exact techniques are covered in Bapu Graphics Design Institute. Training means covering all topics in detailed manner and student should learn with in-depth knowledge.

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