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Role of Graphics Designer

Role of Graphics designer plays an important role in media because it helps to communicate ideas and information with color, images and words. In short if you can do it with words and pictures an experienced designer can make it work better. Looking better is not always the goal, though it is nice.

Great author Bernard Shaw once remarked “If you teach a man anything, he will never learn”. Learn by “Doing”. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.
That is what great designers tend to bring out in their works.
It is only a graphic designer who has the ability or is responsible for arranging and using elements of different types of media such as posters, cards, advertisements, in designing games and countless other products and everyday items which utilize graphic design. In fact, everything we encounter has some facet of graphic design.
Everything we interact with is clearly a “design:. It is all around us. It is in our Morning paper. It is on the cover of our favorite books. It is one of the very important thing in an individual’s day to day life. People should accept the fact the world is “Graphically designed”. To give it shape and design we need graphic designers and to provide it with real dimensions we need engineer’s.
“Creation of ideas”
“Expression in words”
“Solution to the problems of visual communication”
It is true for all graphic design designers.

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