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SEO Tutorials
SEO Tutorials

In this SEO Tutorial you will learn Five On-Page SEO Tips

SEO Advance tips and tricks

to be follow by any user to make your website rank in various search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. for growing your business. To market your product or services SEO is THE BEST Technology in today’s era of E-World. So here are some useful tips to make your rank High.

Tip 1. Your Domain name.

Select your domain name according to your services and it will be better if you select the domain extension also according to your services. Below are some domain name extensions with their meanings.

.com is commercials

.org is organizations

.net is network

.edu is Education

.gov is Government agencies

.in is India

.press is for publishing and journalism

.properties is real estate

.technology is for technology

And many more extensions are there to select.


Tip 2: File Name, Title Name and Descriptions

The files you going to do online should also be named well related to the topic you are covering in that particular file. The Title name and descriptions are given in head tag of HTML. These titles and description are shown by the Google when it’s search engine search you’re that particular file.



Tip 3: More usable HTML tags for your SEO

All new HTML 5 tags are helpful in SEO like

<header> : Your File header is Represent by this tag.

<footer> : Your File footer, or section footer is define by this tag.

<section> : Define any section in a document.

<article> : Write your articles in this tag.

<nav> : Your navigation links , menu and buttons all comes in this tag.

<aside> : always write content in this tag which is not related to your main page content or you can say aside content.

<audio> : All audio files in this tag.

<video> : All video files in this tag.

<details> : Additional details to be put in this tag which user can show or hide.

<dialog> : Any dialog box or window tag.

<figcaption> : write caption of any <figure> element in this tag.

<hgroup> : Group of headings to be written in this tag.

<main> : Any main content of file to be written in this tag.

<mark> : write any marked or highlighted text in this tag.

<summary> : Visible headings to be written in this for <detail> element.

More tags like Heading 1 <h1> to heading 6 <h6> are also helpful in ranking your page on various search engine.

Search engine understands all these tags and also find easily the details of your content you had written on your page with the help of these labeled tags.


Tip 4: Alt tag for image

Whenever you insert your images in your files always fill alt element and write description of your images for any search engine to recognize your image.


Tip 5: W3C Validator

Validate your website with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) by online W3C Validator ( to check whether your website contains errors or not. Validator checks markup validity of your website files. No W3C Errors in your documents are always liked by Search engines.


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Published: October 10, 2022
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