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short term web design course in delhi

Short term Web Design course Options

There are many options for short term web design course. There are many specialized area to work on web site making. Students can specialized in any area and work as a good team members for different website companies.

short term web design course in delhi
All options for short term web design course

Duration of short term web design course

Short term web design course starts from one month and there are options till six month course. If student want to cover complete content of designing developing and marketing of website than it will took just more than a year to get expert move in web design course.


Short term duration Web course options

Below is the list given for more than ten options in short term web design course up to three months of duration. Student can join all these course at Bapu Graphics depending on their interests and what time period they had to add an extra skill to them.

CMS course WordPress, Joomla or Drupal

Duration: 1 month

These days content management system derived from PHP language is in demand in market and student simply doing one month course of WordPress applies for a job and get handsome salaries to work on. This is best short term course if you want to enter in website industry. On the click basis one can develop a theme based dynamic websites with many options like Log in, shopping cart, Blogs etc.


SEO Course

Duration: 2 months

SEO course in Delhi
SEO Course

Good Internet marketing course with all tips to optimize your website to rank in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. To Market your website for growing your products and services aspects.

This course is good to be a part of marketing team of any company who believes in internet marketing. By spending only two months student can develop this extra and very useful skill to its portfolio.


HTML 5 and CSS3 course

Duration: 2 months

HTML 5 Course in Delhi
HTML 5 Course

Every web design to develop starts with these two coding languages. Understanding and learning these two language student can design static and dynamic websites. HTML5 and CSS3 are now with very advance features with their latest version. Adding this skill to your portfolio will surely give benefit in your career.


Web Designing course

Duration: 3 months

web design course in delhi
Web Design short term course

Designing web layouts, banners, advertisements, menu, banner and make look your website more attractive is can be done by learning Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in 3 months for web purpose and this is all designing techniques skill you will be knowing which is the base of every media designing.


Java script and JQuery course

Duration: 1.5 months

Client based language to add scripts and animation effects to your website, developing programs, making photo galleries, adding all interactive part to your website can be done with the help of these languages.


PHP Course

Duration: 2 months

Managing your databases and making dynamic website like social media, blog, product base, shopping cart or e-commerce website all working with forms database all can be done with the help of this language. Very much in demand by companies and I should say the best skill to add in your portfolio.


Adobe Dreamweaver Course

Duration: 2 months

Learning Adobe Dreamweaver will make you easy to learn all codes like HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery and PHP. Responsive websites can be also make with the help of this software. Just work on all coding languages with the help of click by learning this most advance web designing software to design and develop all kind of websites.


Animation effects course for website

Duration: 1 month

Adobe Edge animation software will make you learn all the animation effects supported by all web browsers. J-query is a key language of this software


Open code source course for website

Duration: 1 month

Whatever you are seeing on internet and all different kinds of working you noticed on different website. Now with the help of this course you can study all these codes and develop all those things and can apply in your websites. Good course for all those who want to become developers with complete knowledge in just one month of duration.


Responsive website with Bootstrap and Adobe Muse course

Duration: 1.5 month

Make all responsive website with the help of bootstrap and adobe muse software. Prepare or develop your websites for Monitors, Tabs and mobile in just 1.5 month of course.


Web Development course

Duration: 3.5 months

This course is a combination of HTML5, CSS3, Java script and JQuery all you can know in 3.5 months also add PHP of two months for complete web development with all coding languages.


After contacting Bapu Graphics and free counseling you can customize your web design course with the help of counselors too.

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