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design web layout step by step

Step by Step Guide to Design Web Layouts in Web Development Course

Steps for developing web Layouts in web development course.

design web layout step by step
Web Development course

Learn to develop web layouts by doing this short web development course given in these simple step by step series. I tried to cover each and every point for designing and developing web layout in easy steps. Hope you will like reading these…

Collect all points

Before designing or developing layout one should collect all the required point to be added in the web layout. For example: if it is school’s website layout what all things you should include in this website, School history, profile, contacts, banner, menus, fee structure, student’s profile, teacher section, admissions, facilities, about building, latest news from school etc. and these points can be many in numbers. The more the numbers of these required points more the scope you had for your designs and development.

Sketch the layout

After collecting all these points try to sketch a layout with different placements of designing elements in your sketch pad or plain paper. With these different settings you will come to know which point is to place where and which points are to be highlighted and which points need minimum space in your web layouts.


Design Themes based web layouts

Now come to your computers for designing graphics in web design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator: the most advance software for designing any kind of web layouts. Design full theme of your website that by looking graphics, color, Eye catchy Banner images, backgrounds, buttons designs visitor can guess yes this is a website of kids school or this a website or restaurant or any Industry. Learning designed themes is very important to make visitors feel good who visited your websites.


Develop with HTML and CSS code

After all designing tasks now the coding or web development part begins when you are ready with all images to export from designing software, ready with all placements of graphics and developer knows his design. Develop your website in most advance codes of html and css with their latest version of HTML-5 and CSS-3. Develop first your website by using these two codes which is understandable by all the browsers like IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.


Give Interactivity with Java Script

When you are ready with HTML and CSS codes add different interactive effects to your website with the help of java script codes. All tabbed panels, dragging effects or all mouse events user do in your website. Well customized theme based website are made with help of these java script codes. For example coming to our school website we need we designed any school website and when mouse goes up to school bag , school bags automatically gets open with books of different subject or mouse when went to building it shows various options like staffroom, playground, classes, swimming pool area etc. and user click on any option to move to that particular section.

Include Animations

J-Query is best coding language to add animations in website compatible with any browser. Banner animations, slide animations, make your graphics animate with help of J-Query codes to develop your web layout in most advance manner.

Make it Responsive

Last point is to remember that develop your web layout responsive which means it should be correctly visible in all different size of screens. Today websites are open in mobiles, monitors and tabs in different screen size variations. Making website responsive means it respond to any screen size and it can be easily done with the help of bootstrap or software like Adobe Muse.

Upload on Web

Now upload your website to make it online. Test your website with w3c validator for any coding errors in website, and remember to develop your web layout which is easy and fast to use by user. Make your website online with the help of Filezilla uploader or by any File transfer protocol.


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