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Survey on Digital Marketing Course in Delhi’s Institute…
Survey on Digital Marketing Course in Delhi’s Institute…

Today, Digital Marketing Course is in demand, everyone wants to promote their stuff online whether their products, services, blogs, videos anything and everyone wants to earn money from online. To conduct a survey on this I visited many of the Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi to inquire about Digital Marketing Course and how they are teaching, What Quality institutes are providing to the learner and I was surprise to know the facts which come out….. which I will be sharing with you in this article…

How Digital Marketing Course in Delhi is Promoted

I see lot of online advertisements on every platform of media, Institute promote their courses online through marketing on Facebook, Youtube, Google etc. I decided to give a walk-in inquiry on all these digital marketing institutes. I just notices these advertisement which only focus on earning money online and they promote it like

  • Earning Money online is very easy
  • Some Institute also provide the proofs that how much they earn online
  • Some says earn millions of money through online and become millionaire after doing digital marketing course

So we do survey that it really happens, and we found that 98% of students can’t earn money online after doing the course, before the course, things look very easy as how they promote these and after the course, we found all rubbish …. So why it is like that for finding this when we visited different digital marketing institutes in Delhi, we are here with some points by which you will come to know that Why 98% of students fail to earn money online ::

  1. The way of teaching
    How they are teaching, the way of delivering the course in most of the institute is through the lectures by sharing power point presentations , which makes class boring as this is a practical field it should be deliver practically , which we will discuss further but for this point I should say class should be more interactive , focusing on individual strategy, discussion and should show by practically implementation..
  2. The Course Curriculum
    They focus on telling we are covering 32 modules, 40 modules, some says we cover 4 courses in one course, 28 modules and student just count the modules, duration and fees to judge But these students are new to this courses do compare all these things, but always judge the quality of the course and all other points which I will discuss before taking admission in digital marketing course. Never go on these three ::: Modules, Duration and Fees.
  3. Teacher’s experience
    While making Inquiry I just put some basic questions in front of  teachers and they fail to give answer, Actually no one ask technical questions who don’t know anything about the course. So always go for inquiry with the people who had knowledge about this course. How much teacher is earning online who will help you to make money online, and when anyone start giving proofs of earning always ask the behind the scene activities he is performing for this earning like If anyone shows his earning graphs and figures ask him to show the investments graph too. How much he is spending money online to get these income figures. If he is sharing all this with you then trust him otherwise not. Remember nothing is Free Online.
  4. Theoretical vs Practical
    The training in every institute is focus on theoretical part of the digital marketing course,  which should be total practical, some are doing 80% theory and 20% Practical but is the course should be like 10% theory and 90% practical. So when Institute start following the practical session more than theory the results will be surely better. But because of 10,15, or 20 student batch they do not follow these practical session much.
  5. Not Focusing on Basic Things
    For Digital Marketing course every student should have website, which is must for doing this course, he should have strategies to sell and should learn practically these while doing the course, without your website or without any product or service never start on digital marketing course , for more explanation last sixth point will help you to understand
  6. Create Content and Graphics
    During the sessions every teachers explain about quality content and graphics before running campaigns or online advertisement or online promotions. But no one teaches how to Develop or Design attractive graphics. Google also says their should be quality , quality , quality in your Content, In your Graphics, In your Videos , In your Web Codes but Institute never teaches the tools or software in which these quality design, quality videos, or quality content is created, Institute in this course never teaches about quality web codes, how to rectify errors in your codes. without knowing this no one can achieve best results through digital marketing course.

Above are the 6 points which I seem to have problem in every Institute and to find the solution on above all points you need to visit for counselling session or fill out the form you find in this page of the article…



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Published: July 6, 2018
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