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Tips for designing Eye catching Home Page Banner for your Website
Tips for designing Eye catching Home Page Banner for your Website

Home Page Banner is the first thing which the visitor sees on your website and if it is an attractive banner, then every visitor will be interested in seeing the full details provided on your website.It is the first Impression of your website and make sure to make it mesmorising. Here are some points to be kept in mind while designing an Eye catching Home page Banner by a web designer:

  1. Banner Size
    Firstly a web designer has to decide the size of the banner. It will be good to have a Banner width to be set in 100% of the screen width can be done by making it responsive with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 Codes. Height of the Banner should be less than the height of screen in which website is open so that it should be visible complete without scrolling.
  2. Banner Color
    Colors of Banner will decide the mood of your website or what message you want to give it to the visitors. Weather the site is on serious matter or for social cause or it has some news or related to education or hotel or site contains some fun materials the color of the banner should be related to your company profile.
  3. Banner Images
    Images on Home page banner should be very creative and unique. It should also give the message to the visitor about your product or services. What is special in your product? The Images should explain everything by just viewing by visitors. Images play main role to make your banner eye catching.
  4. Banner Animations
    Banner with animations using Java Script and J-Query are these days most popular, Animations make by these coding languages makes the banner light in weight , fast to open and very good Animations and transitions effects which makes banner more Interactive and eye catching.
  5. Header Tags: Don’t use H1 or H2 tags as it may confuse the search engines and can affect the search visibility of the website. We will suggest you to use bold or strong tags instead of these.
  6. Optimization: Images should be optimized for quick loading as un-optimized images can increase the load time of the website which can kill the user experience.
  7. Call to Action: Don’t forget “call to action” as generating leads/sales is the aim of any businesses. So, try to link related pages with the related slides. This will help your visitors to land on related pages when they click on slides of their interest.

Banner is just like a heading of your website or we can see your complete website at one glance in the home page banner. For making home page banner eye catching one has to remember above four points and should also know the latest technology software and coding language tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, Java script, J-query. Get trained in all these tools only at Bapu Graphics and make exciting and eye catching banners just in minutes.


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Published: April 30, 2014
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