Typography Tutorial :  Important Typography Terms in Graphics design course

  1. Leading
    Space between lines is known as leading. Default leading in every software is of 120% of its font size.
  2. Kerning
    Space between only two characters is known as kerning.
  3. Tracking
    Space between more than two characters can be adjusted with the help of tracking.
  4. Font
    Fonts are the different styles of writing a text in your document or design.
  5. Baseline shift
    Text is always written on its baseline as you see in notebooks, Shifting the text above or below from its baseline can be done with baseline shift command.
  6. Indents
    There are total four types of Indents. Indents is mean to give space. Four Indents are First line Indents, Left Indents, Right Indents, Last line Indents.
  7. Before and After Paragraph space
    To give space before and after the paragraph we can adjust using this command.
  8. Index
    All topics covered in book written in one place with their pages is known as Index and can be done by Index command.
  9. Alignment
    Aligning text Left, Right, Center or to Align it justify is done with the help of alignment commands
  10. Baseline
    Text is written in its baseline which is situated on the bottom of the text , It is to set that text should be written in straight line.
  11. Text case
    There are many types of cases in the text like UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence Case, tOGGLE cASE . ALL CAPS and small caps can be included in these text case.
  12. Bullets
  13. Drop Cap
    First Letter of Paragraph with Big in size covering two or more lines of paragraph is Drop Cap.
  14. Columns
    Text columns are used in paragraph and is useful in Magazines , newspaper and books layout
  15. Tab
    Typing by giving spaces in words can be easily done by tab settings in text.
  16. Table
    Table consists of rows and columns and text is adjusted in between this, usually helps in making calendars and table charts with text.
  17. Footnote
    Meaning of words to be written at bottom of the page is with this footnote command.
  18. Superscript and subscript
    Writing text small in size and above the baseline is superscript and below baseline with small size it is subscript.
  19. Warp Text
    When taking any Image or any Illustration near the paragraph the text goes away from these  images and illustration is with the help of warp text command.
  20. Paragraph Text
    Text written in some particular area defined is called paragraph text.
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