Visual Effects in Video Post Production

Visual Effects in Video Post Production

A film is a story displayed with moving images and sound, with motion applied to films. The series of images captured by the camera or created by animation or visual effects are called frames. Normally it takes about 24 frames/second to capture a motion. The process of creating a film by using some editing tool is called Film making. Filmmaking is quite a lengthy process. It has various stages.

Stages of Film Making:

  • Video Development: In this stage, the idea for the film is created, and a story is written. film time duration and budget are defined.
  • Video Pre-production: Preparations start for the shooting, and characters are hired, soft wares that were used for filmmaking are selected.
  • Video Post-production: the process of editing images, sounds, and adding effects is done in the video post-production stage.
  • Distribution: the final video is ready to distribute or release.

Video post-production is one of the stage in filmmaking. Video post-production has many processes that fall under it. They include editing, re-recording, and special effects.

  • Editing: Editing means “correcting or changing”. In Video Post-Production, selecting images, combining them, and adding effects to make them live is called Film editing.
  • Re-recording: It is the process by which the audio track of a video production is created.  Sound elements such as dialogue, music, and voice are combined to create an audio track.
  • Special Effects: several special effects like Digital compositing, Bullet time, camera effects, Match moving, Matte painting, and  Digital or computer-generated images,  are added in video post-production to create a film.

Visual Effects in Video Post-Production

Visual effects: visual effects work is completed during post-production. Visual effects using computer-generated images have become affordable with the help of animation software.

Categories of Visual Effects:

  • Matte paintings
  • Live-action effects
  • Digital animation
  • Digital Effects (FX )

Matte paintings: computer graphics software allowed us to work in the digital environment. Matte painting is one of the most common techniques and one of the most difficult techniques in visual effects. It is a flat 2D painting. But to make it  feel 3D projection techniques such as camera projection” or “3D projection”  are used and create a 3D scene

Live-action effects: Software is used to edit video and create effects to make the image realistic.

Digital animation: digital animation refers to computer animation. Computer Animation or CGI creates animated images in a digital environment like a computer system by using some software. Modern computer animation usually uses 2D computer graphics and 3D computer graphics

Digital Effects (FX): In FX image is created with photographic assets. It is a combination of photography and computer-generated images (CGI) to create realistic environments

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