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Web Design Interview Question tips during Web Design Course
Web Design Interview Question tips during Web Design Course
web design interview tips

Interview Questions for web designers after doing web design course.

web design interview tips

When fresher meets any company for an interview they are tagged with various questions. Fresher should prepare answers before going it to an interview. some of the question with their tips are given below.

Why did you choose this field?

This question will give you a chance to show your interest in this field. Why you select this field? What are your personal interest or any interesting short story which let you join this field. Try to tell that your interest is your “work” and why you love your “work”?


Do you have any projects in which you are working?

Experience web designer can always answer best this question, but for fresher’s this is quite difficult to answers as they are not involved in any of the projects.

So the best way to answer for the fresher is to what they all had experienced and work while learning and in projects they were involved which are practical Live Projects. Fresher should keep those projects in showcase. Keep project which really impress the interviewee and try to show Your previous work which you had done single handedly and show only the best project work.


What do you think is a smart codes?

Now it’s time to show the knowledge that how much technically you are expert in coding languages. Give five to six useful tips of smart work you apply while doing code work. Here are many answers like the code which helps to load your web page faster or a structured code easily understandable, by using comments.


What is HTML?

HTML is a markup language know as Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used to develop websites and supported by all browsers. This language by getting linked with other languages like CSS, JS or PHP to make your web dynamic.

HTML 5 is its latest version and for giving more impressive answers tell some facts and figures of HTML and if possible shortly brief the history of HTML. for more depth knowledge and topics in html to prepare visit this page.


Which all coding languages you know?

The coding languages you know and you mentioned in your resume only give the list of that coding language. You should know all the practical application of these coding languages. Not give the big list of coding language as answer. Give the list of all coding language in which you are perfect.


What is the difference between HTML and HTML5?

HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML. HTML is a language of linking text, images and making simple web layout whereas HTML5 is now with all new tags, elements can work with graphics, and all kind of media work through audios and videos. Supports offline data storage, can catch geo-locations, drop and drag facilities and make a web more interactive than previous versions.


What is the difference between SVG and Canvas?

Canvas tag works in pixel or 2D image type programs whereas scalar vector graphics is all about 2D and 3D vector shapes. Like Adobe has two software Photoshop (Raster) and Illustrator (Vector) likewise HTML has these two tags Canvas and SVG.


How you make your website responsive?

Answer it simple and briefly. Explain responsive first and the techniques which are used to do your website responsive and then tell which is best technique to do your website responsive?


Which software you use for coding purpose?

There are many software for coding like Notepad++, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Edge code. Try to give answer that you know code perfectly it doesn’t matter of software or tool which I use. I know code so I can do it in any software.


What’s the difference between Web designer and web developer?

Designers Design all the elements of website, like layout, banners, images, picture gallery, buttons, menus and all the look and feel of website is designed by designers.

Web developers do all the backend work of website they develop server side and client side code with the help of java’s and PHP. How the website is working is all work of developers who develop codes for website.


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Published: October 12, 2022
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