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Web Design Vs Graphics Design: Which Career is good for growth?

Web Design Vs Graphics Design: Some Students get confused while choosing their career in between Graphics Design and Web Design. As both the courses are related to Computer and comes under Multimedia Training section. Both Graphics and Web Design are related to media courses. Student can select a career depending on their Interest. In this article I will explain you difference between both of these stream, their relation, Scope in Graphics Design , Scope in Web Design, Career in Both Graphics and Web Design and In which Growth is maximum. So all this is explained in a point system.

  1. Difference Between Graphics Design and Web Design
    Graphics Design
    Graphics Design is related to Print Media, whichever things are printed in market are needed to be designed in computer then only we can print them. Like Brochure Design, Advertisement Designs, Catalogues Designs, Product Cover Design, Banner Design, Board Designs, Logo Designs, Labels, Visiting cards, Letterheads etc.
    Web Design
    Web Design is directly linked to the Web Media. Everything we see on Internet comes under web designing. Such as Designing Web Layouts, Web Banners, Web Advertisements, Web Buttons, Web Forms all comes under Web Designing.
  2. Difference in their Course Contents
    Graphics Design Course
    One can Become Graphics Designer by learning Four Important Graphics Software. Which are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw.
    And also he Should have sound knowledge of Print Media
    Web Design Course
    One can Become Web Designer by learning Two Graphics Software: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Plus, he should also learn Web Development Part which is related to Coding of HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script, JQuery, Ajax etc. Plus knowledge of Web Media is also necessary.
  3.  Difference in Media
    Graphics Design is related to Print Media:
    What is the necessary knowledge a Graphics Designer should have in Print Media?             Answer :- Print Media Graphics Designer should know the different Printing Techniques, Printing Machines, Printing Inks, Printing Papers in market and should also know the different File Formats used for Printing like EPS, TIFF, PDF etc. Complete knowledge of Print Media is must for every graphics Designer.
    Web Design is related to Web Media:
    Web Media knowledge is must for every Web Designer. Web Media Knowledge includes Different types of web technologies, Web formats, Web management , Search Engine Optimization Techniques, Setting Audio and Videos in Websites, Geo-locations, Embedding Codes, Use of Open source, Social Marketing etc.
  4. Learning Process
    Graphics Design
    Time Duration of Graphics Design courses vary from two to eight months Time Period depending upon the content you want to cover. Student can become an Expert Graphics Professional in eight month’s time with full knowledge of software, practical, Live projects and complete Print Media knowledge by doing course at Bapu Graphics.
    Web Design Learning Process
    Web Design Courses are generally covered within four  to twelve months depending upon the contents you want to cover. In one year’s timespan Student will become an Expert Web Design Professional and will be able to design & develop any kind of website he or she wants on Internet. This can be achieved by joining web design course at Bapu  Graphics.
  5. Career
    Career in Graphics Design
    In Graphics Design there are lots of career options like Art Director, Visualizer, Graphics Designer, DTP Operator, Typographer, Layout Artist, Books Designer, Pre-Press Specialist
    Career in Web Design
    In Web Design one can choose from many careers like Web Designer, Web Developer, Search Engine Optimizer, Social Media Manager, Web Mangager, PHP Specialist, E-commerce Designer and Developer, Presentation artist etc.
  6. Scope and Growth
    Scope in Graphics Design
    Graphics Designer course is a short course but is a responsible job as one can never correct its design’s errors after Job gets print. After completing coursein three months time one can land a job with lucrative salary and also opportunity for increment in salary with increase in work experience.
    Scope in Web Design
    Becoming Web Designer will take more time than becoming graphic designer as in graphics there are only limited software tools but in web designing the learning process never ends as it is consist of many coding languages , online techniques related to web and also many new options with day by day advancement in technology. But once the course is completed and one has sound knowledge about web design, web development and web media , he or she can start with very good salary packages and can double its salary after every four months through one year’s time. After completing  year’s experience one can start his own work and can earn endlessly.

Above is the difference between both the streams. Student can choose their career in either of the two by studying above given points in details and also visit Bapu Graphics for free counseling sessions. Both these fields are vast with every company finding new ways for growth of their brands, products and services by taking help of both Print media by Graphics Designer and Web Media by Web Designers. There is a requirment for both professions in every company and Student who gets trained in any one of these courses, surely gets job inm any of the companies. More than 500 companies are tied up with Bapu Graphics for Graphics and Web Designing Jobs. These companies are always in dire need of these Professionally trained students at Bapu Graphics. Choose your career as per your Interest.

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