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Web Designing & Web Development Techniques
Web Designing & Web Development Techniques

Web Designing & Web Development Techniques:


It is not just enough to design a attractive website however a good website should contain useful information or content in proper manner with latest web designing & web development techniques. Create a websites that can be maintained and updated easily. An efficient team would design concepts of website for every project. Your website should be suited to your business model. Designers have to use suitable tools to create a site that enhances your online presence and takes your business forward. Web Designing Techniques helps you to design a website that would help you to move your business forward and stay way ahead of others. A best website means a wonderful experience for user. Users should be able to see the important content without worrying about how contents are.  A good website works well for both users and developers. A website should be efficient in the form of accessibility, responsiveness, content strategy or page load performance. we learn new strategies by using latest techniques at the time of designing or development.

There are some techniques that will help you when you are working on your project

  •  Think about text, not about pages: Think which parts are important and which can be loaded later. If you want to build universal websites, you need to look both content and visual appearance.  Which information a user request , and how the web page respond to this request is most important instead of attractive page. Make use of objective language.  Users are not interested in promotional content. Everyone avoid long text blocks without images. Categorize your content, use headings or subheadings, use bulleted lists and visual elements to break the monotony of uniform text.
  • Use namespaceing for CSS file:declare namespaces in cascading style sheet. Namespaceing provides useful clues to the text of the file.
  • Simplify your code: Write the code that should be easy to understand and order to simplify your code you should use functions, Refactoring the code, move to oops and unit test the code.
  • Learn from errors: No matter how many times you’ve tested your application, there will be unexpected bugs.  Many time you write the code that contain bugs but don’t get upset , just learn from your mistakes. Take a deep breath and perfect your work. Make it easy for others to let you know about any errors they encounter while using your website.
  • Maintaining Consistency:  Maintain color, layout or font consistent in your site. Header and footer parts of each web page should be same so that website look remains consistent. Create menu on each web page so that site should have a link from one page to another. Basically font, color and layout structure should be the same throughout your site.  keep the elements across all pages constant so that the visitors do not feel lost in website.
  • Minimize use of Flash : As far as possible minimize the use of Flash because many mobile devices and tablets do not support Flash. Many Several web browsers use outdated versions of Flash plugins, and even some browsers not have Flash installed.

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Published: June 25, 2018
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