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Which Graphics Design Software to learn in Graphics Design Course ?
Which Graphics Design Software to learn in Graphics Design Course ?

All Graphics Design software to learn in Graphics design Course.

In Graphics design course there are mainly five graphics design software to be learn professionally, by the Professionals training in best graphics design institute. With these five software knowledge about design, its principle, about colors, typography, margins, output etc. all these topics should also be cover and the professional training in media you want expertise is required like in print media, web media or electronic media. All these software are just tools to help you to make design. Creativity exercise, Visualization Eye is also required by every designer which is taught in Bapu Graphics to every student learning graphics design course. Software to be cover by Graphics designer should be in such a manner that designer should know it’s all tools and all command with complete knowledge of their properties and use. About these five software of graphics design are given below in detail and the reasons why graphics designer should learn all these five software for better career opportunities.

Learn Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a best tool or best graphics design software. This graphics design software is with maximum options and commands. Adobe Photoshop is a raster software for Image editing works. It works for all type of multimedia works. All Multimedia designers in any field should learn this software first before learning any other software.

Learn Adobe Illustrator

This is another best graphics design software of company Adobe. Adobe Illustrator is vector graphics software which works on all shapes and illustration works. Design has its three main contents which are Shapes, Images and Text. Adobe Illustrator works best in shapes. Designing Brochure, catalogs, advertisements, web layouts are done in seconds in this software. Complete professional training is required to learn this software for its better utility.

Adobe InDesign

This third graphics design software of company Adobe is Adobe InDesign which works best in all types of text commands. Adobe InDesign has text commands more than any other software. Adobe InDesign is an update version of Adobe PageMaker software. With comparison with adobe PageMaker adobe InDesign is far-far better or should say Adobe InDesign is thousands time better than adobe PageMaker.

Adobe InDesign Graphics software handles all graphics works like this software work best in text and with this also works better in images and shapes also.

Adobe InDesign easily design magazines, books, newspaper, children books, directories, encyclopedia all these projects with managing thousands of pages are all just with a click in Adobe InDesign. Learning adobe InDesign should be done with the professional trainer with at-least more than five years of experience in publishing house will trained you best.

Corel Draw

Corel draw is 2D vector software of company Corel. In India Corel Draw is the most popular software between designers and in all small scale industry of print media, add agencies. Corel Draw is easy to learn in comparative to all above Adobe software. Corel draw can handle all type of print media works like designing product covers, logo, stationery items, designing stickers, danglers, Advertisements etc.

Quark Xpress

Quark Xpress is also a software with expertise in all type of Text commands. Quark Xpress graphics design software is also like Adobe InDesign. Some of the companies use Quark Xpress instead of adobe InDesign. Quark Xpress design magazines, books, directories, newspapers etc.


Learning all this graphics design software with complete knowledge of graphics color, principles, alignments, balancing design with complete knowledge of multimedia works will make your career after this course as graphics designer, Art-Director, Visualizer etc.

Bapu Graphics is India’s best graphics design institute in Delhi to give you all these practical project based training with experience teachers quality.


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Published: June 26, 2018
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