Emailer Design Worksheet

Emailer Design Worksheet

Worksheet Name :
Emailer Design Worksheet

Duration :
6 Days

Classes Options :It will take only 2-3 maximum Hour in each Design to make a Emailer

About Emailer Design

E-newsletter advertising is the method through which companies send informational as well as product-focused content by an emailed/newsletter to a client checklist that comprises prospective and existing consumers. Online organisations utilize e-newsletters to keep their brand top-of-mind for consumers, developing authority in the space as well as informing readers of items that may interest them.

Tips for Creating Emailer Design

  1. Keep everything within 600px wide
  2. Keep Your Calls-to-Action High
  3. Tell a story
  4. Use HTML text/fonts
  5. Plan for no images
  6. Clear, large CTAs
  7. Repeat your CTA
  8. Make it clear who’s sending the message
  9. No more than 3 columns max
  10. Images on the left, text on the right
  11. Don’t use background images
  12. The magic of animation

E-mailer Design 1

E-mailer Design 2

E-mailer Design 3

E-mailer Design 4

E-mailer Design 5

E-mailer Design 6


Working hours


Day Timing
Monday To Friday 8:00 Am To 8:00Pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:00 Am To 5:00Pm