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Earth Architecture Worksheet

Earth Architecture Worksheet

Worksheet Name :
Earth Architecture Worksheet

Duration :
0 Day

Classes Options :It will take appx. 2-3 hours in each worksheet to make a Earth Architecture by using source images

About Earth Architecture Worksheet

Are we supposed to believe that Italy was 'accidentally' shaped like a boot? That Mt. Rushmore just 'happened' to contain the faces of four American presidents? Obviously God was feeling a little artistic with nature. Now it's our turn.

The rules of this game are thus: Use nature and geography as your canvas. (i.e. Make a lake shaped like a teletubbie, or volcanic rock look like a dragon, patterns in tree bark that seem to look like images, or rock shapes that seem to resemble actual things). So long as it is inanimate (i.e. no animal print patterns) it is fair game for your pictures, patterns and symbols. Manmade objects are allowable too if they are extremely large and unconnected in nature (i.e. the lights of North America seen from outerspace) otherwise stick to 'natural' occurences.

Earth Architecture 1

Earth Architecture 3

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