Masking Techniques Worksheet 1

Masking Techniques Worksheet 1

Worksheet Name :
Masking Techniques Worksheet 1

Duration :
4 Days

Classes Options :It will take appx. 2-3 hours in each worksheet for Masking Techniques by using source images

About Masking Techniques

Here are Images with an Masking Effect. All you have to do is use given source images and make the gievn cazy effects with the help of masking and selection tools. Mix the images and make new awesome effects. Click below the Image to go to their sourse Images where you have to work on them. You can find source for all images on portfolio practice pictures.

Masking Techniques 2

Masking Techniques 3


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Monday To Friday 8:00 Am To 8:00Pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:00 Am To 5:00Pm