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Easy Fees Structure

Fees structure of any multimedia institute is the most important thing which every learner wants to know and then decide whether to do course from this Institute or not. The Institute having with too much fees gets an impression whatever they are teaching is right thing and Institute with low fees comes in doubt that if they are teaching or giving full knowledge or not. How one can decide quality of course with Fee structure?

Photoshop course has a range of fees from 500/- to 15000/- now what? From where you will be doing the course who is taking 7000/- or 3000/- or 15000/- for learning Photoshop software. How anybody can judge the quality by the fees structure?

Bapu Graphics has solution for you Every Institute has a fee structure first pay down payments and then in installments but in Bapu Graphics it is the reverse. First pay installment and then if you are satisfied with the quality of training than pay down payment.

First take free Counseling session,only if you are satisfied then pay your first installment. Learn for one month, achieve all targets and get fully satisfied with our quality of training and after that pay us or not it’s all your choice. Our policy is: First learn and then Pay. If you pay down payment to any institute and you can’t learn there than what will happen you will be going there without getting anything because you have paid them your down payment and now you can’t leave them, you are not left with any other option with you. You are going there not because you are learning there but because you had paid them.

Don’t ever join the course only after listening duration and Fees Structure. Join course after getting full knowledge of course which you can only get in counseling sessions or with person knowing you having full experience in this field.

Why so much of variations in the Fees structure of every Institute? It all depends on the durations, qualities, content they are covering, teaching techniques, Experienced teachers BUT you should have knowledge of all these to judge whether Institute is taking Correct fees or not.

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