Adobe Flash Fill in the Blanks Quiz

Adobe Flash Fill in the Blanks Quiz

Q1. Pencil tool creates ___________.

Latest version of Adobe Flash is _____________.

Q3. ‘Match size’ command is in ___________ Palate.

Q4. Movie clip and Graphics symbol are save in ____________ Palate.

Q5. Shape Tween is recognize with ____________ Color.

Q6. Four Stages in Button symbol are UP, Over, __________ and Hit.

Q7. HSB stands for Hue Saturation and ______________.

Q8. FPS stands for _____________ per second.

Q9. ________________ symbol command is to exchange symbols.

Q10. In flash we had Shape _____________ Animation.

Q11. Rotate comes under _____________ Palate

Q12. Shortcut of Free Transform Tool is ________________

Q13. CTR + ALT + S is shortcut of _________________ command.

Q14. Four types of text Alignment in Flash are Left, Right, Center &__________

Q15. Bitmaps, Symbols, Fonts all or collectively be kept in ________________ Palate.


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