Adobe Flash True/False Quiz.

Adobe Flash True/False Quiz.

Q1. Flash is 2D Animation Software.

Q2. ‘Movie Clip’ in Flash is a new bitmap.

Q3. Flash can animate filter effects also.

Q4. For adding Interactivity Adobe Flash use Action Script.

Q5. Action script is based on Java Script.

Q6. Command ‘Snap’ is to click Photograph in Adobe Flash.

Q7. Classic Tween is used to animate transforming one shape to another.

Q8. Button symbol has four stages of different view.

Q9. Shortcut of Line tool in Flash is ‘N’.

Q10. Adobe Flash can be use to make e-learning works.

Q11. Leading is use to add space between lines.

Q12. In Adobe Flash we can develop and animate 2D games.

Q13. F5 shortcut is to add keyframes.

Q14. Drawing object is different from Shapes in respect of properties.

Q15. ‘Convert to symbol’ is in modify command.


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