Adobe Illustrator Basic Quiz

Adobe Illustrator Basic Quiz

Basic Quiz on Adobe Illustrator will let you know that if you had strong basics in Adobe Illustrator or not. The Question are designed for the students learning Adobe Illustrator and trying to know about their knowledge level or what their graphics design Institute is teaching about software Adobe Illustrator . Try to give all these answers and submit to know your result.

Q1. In Adobe Illustrator we create our design and Illustrations on…

Q2. Maximum Number of sheets we can made in Adobe Illustrator CS6 are :

Q3. Artwork in Adobe Illustrator which falls outside of printing box is known as

Q4. How many types of Page Orientation is in Adobe Illustrator?

Q5. Can we Insert Gradients and Patterns in our stroke In Adobe Illustrator

Q6. Shortcut of Selection tool in Adobe Illustrator is…

Q7. For Hiding and Showing all Panels in Adobe Illustrator except Tool panel shortcut is…

Q8. The Bar which appears in the lower left edge of Adobe Illustrator window is

Q9. The Panel with all Color properties, stroke properties, opacity is …

Q10. Adobe Illustrator is ____________ Software.

Q11. Use of Adobe Illustrator is to..

Q12. Full Form of HSB is

Q13. Direction, Flip and Width options are given in which type of Adobe Illustrator Brush

Q14. How many types of Brushes are there in Adobe Illustrator CS6?

Q15. This commands make your color smooth and blend one color with another in an object. Name this command?


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